Friday, 6 January 2017

Late Night Extra.

Current standings:

1. The Dangerous Method +2.94 pts

2. TheBaseballTipper2016 -0.6 pt

3. TheBaseballTipper2015 -47.33 pts

You are advised to have absolutely no bets this weekend.  

Again, I know this is unusual and the reasons are, firstly, regular followers will be well aware that I avoid cup games wherever possible, because the big sides field weakened teams and it's the 3rd round of the FA Cup this weekend.  This means that the league fixture list is much reduced, which in turn means that there are less opportunities for the bookies to make mistakes in their pricing and that is basically how makes you a profit, by spotting when the bookies have made an error.  The fewer fixtures there are the less likely that is to happen.

Secondly, the next press means that we'll be staking 7.77 pts, which is a relatively big bet, so I will have to be sure, in my own mind, that both bets in the double will be winners.  If they then lose, that's fair enough, the bookies will have got it right.  

I am not confident that the matches I have selected, although they represent value, will actually avoid defeat.  As has been said many times on here before, you can't eat value even if it smells good!

Lastly, The Proper Footytipping Season Starts Now Method starts next weekend and with the good run we've got going here I want the confidence that the Flagship Method brings to the table, to work its magic.  I hope you understand that I have your best punting  interests at heart.

Good Fortune Viewers! 

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