Monday, 26 December 2016

Joey Barton Boxing Day 2016?

Joey Barton must have started winning for the bookies to drop him in it after he'd been breaking FA rules by betting on football for 10 years.  My mind goes back to the 2011-12 season title deciding game involving Man City & QPR, which was one of two games being played that day that would decide the winner of the Premier League.  City had to win if Man Utd beat Sunderland. Which Utd duly did.  It also had the added ingredient of a QPR loss and a Bolton win meaning that QPR would get relegated from the Premier League. QPR were hanging on at 1-1 and would you believe it, Joey Barton was sent off?  Amazingly enough, in spite of playing with just ten men, QPR then went 2-1 up.  The Stoke versus Bolton score ended up 2-2, while City & QPR were still playing, so Bolton were relegated.  QPR knew they were safe and Man City scored two injury time goals to secure the title and Manchester United fans were not happy that day.  Nothing to do with Joey of course...He wasn't on the pitch.

Current standings:

The Dangerous Method -4.43 pts

TheBaseballTipper2016 -7.97 pt

TheBaseballTipper2015 -45.33 pts

For all three methods you are advised to have the following alphabetically listed bets, possibly involving Joey Barton:

A.  0.6 pt Burnley to beat Middlesbrough & Leicester City to beat Everton @ 6.54-1 with Best Odds at  Scores 1-0 & 0-2.  Loser.

B.  0.44 pt Burnley to beat Middlesbrough & Leicester City to draw with Everton @ 8.86-1 with Betfair.  Loser.

C.  0.40 pt Burnley to draw with Middlesbrough & Leicester City to draw with Everton @ 9.88-1 with Coral Icon 50x28.  Loser.

D. 0.56 pt Burnley to draw with Middlesbrough & Leicester City to beat Everton @ 7.16-1 with .  Loser.

In case of postponement...

Individual prices.  Burnley win 19-10
                             Burnley draw 11-5
                             Leicester win 8-5
                             Leicester draw 12-5

Unfeasibly large prices are available with a company I'm not an affiliate for.  I will be trying to rectify this anomaly before the New Year. 

Total stake 2.00 pts.  Return 0.00.  Loss 2.00 pts.

What Are The Odds On Him Getting Sent off!?

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