Thursday, 4 August 2016

Kick-Off 2016/17

Current Standings.

The Safe Method +/- 0.00 pt

The Dangerous Method  +/-0.00 pt

TheBaseballTipper2015  -37.685 pts

TheBaseballTipper2016 -1.00 pt

This is early, but then it's always the early bird that catches the worm.

You are advised for all four methods in the current standings to have the following doubles:

1.08 pts Northampton to beat Fleetwood & Grimsby to beat Morecambe @ 7-2 with BetVictor.  Loser.

0.88 pt  Northampton to draw with Fleetwood & Grimsby to beat Morecambe @ 11-2 with BetVictor.  Winner.  Scores 1-1 & 3-0.  Return 5.72 pts

0.42 pt  Northampton to draw with Fleetwood & Grimsby to draw with Morecambe 
@ 10.56 -1 with 
.  Loser.
0.62 pt Northampton to beat Fleetwood & Grimsby to draw with Morecambe @ 6.88-1 with BetVictor. Loser.

Total stake 3 pts.  Return 5.72 pts.  Profit 2.72 pts.

Off To A Flyer?

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