Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Glorious Goodwood Day 1.

Before we go any further, I have to issue a warning.  There are a lot more people following this blog after TAM2016's success at Royal Ascot.  This will mean that it is very difficult for you to get the advertised prices.  There isn't much I can do about this except advise you to keep an eye on an odds comparison site.  More on that later.

For now though you are advised to sign up to  .  They are the bedrock on which we build our winnings!  Bless 'em!  To sign-up, just click on the banner.  

Another warning.  Last year we lost 3.2 pts at this meeting.  As a consequence I am reducing the stakes by 50% which means that our exposure to risk is reduced by the same percentage.  Hopefully this will also enable more of you to get your bets on.  OK, Here we go!

14.00 Goodwood    0.1pt win Fire Fighting @ 9-1     1st 8-1 CF  +0.9 pt     +0.9 pt

14.35 Goodwood   0.1 pt win Thunder Snow @ 8-1  2nd 13-2    -0.1 pt      +0.8 pt

15.10 Goodwood   0.1 pt win Birchwood @ 7-1        Unp 8-1     -0.1 pt       +0.7 pt

15.45 Goodwood   0.1 pt win Qewy @ 7-1                2nd 8-1     -0.1 pt       +0.6 pt

These first 4 races are all on Channel 4 which means that if you have a winner at 4-1 or bigger (These all qualify even if SP is smaller) you get a free bet on the next race in the list.  If Qewy wins the 15.45 your free bet will be on the 14.00 tomorrow.  You have to place the bet yourself to the same stake.  If your selection loses BET365 refund the losing bet to your account.

16.20 Goodwood   0.1 pt win Thesme @ 5-1            2nd 7-2     -0.1 pt       +0.5 pt

16.55 Goodwood   0.1pt win Best Solution @ 15-2   1st 11-2    +0.75 pt    +1.25 pts

17.30 Goodwood   0.1pt win Quebee @ 7-1             Unp 8-1     -0.1 pt       +1.15 pts

Total staked 0.7 pt.  Return 1.85 pts.  Profit +1.15 pts.

Next up, you are advised to open an account with  UK Sportsbook so that you can have a go at Channel 4 Pick 6 which is a free game where you could win £25,000.  Just open an account with UK Sportsbook by clicking on the logo and give it a whirl!  They are currently offering you a free bet if Fire Fighting loses the first...I'm not advocating anything, just letting you know.  All the bets have already been advised!

On to Oddschecker, which I think is the best odds-comparison site.  

http://www.oddschecker.com/horse-racing/goodwood/14:00/winner  They will keep you appraised of all the best prices and offers, so if any of the above prices are shorter than I have advertised, you may want to go there and get a better price.

All bets will be settled on this blog at the above prices unless SP's are bigger, in which case they will be settled at SP.

Good Fortune Viewers!

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