Saturday, 18 June 2016

Royal Ascot 2016. Day 5.

This always used to be The Heath Meeting.  The dregs after Her Majesty's show.  Nowadays it has the Diamond Jubilee Stakes worth over £340,000 to the winner and my favourite race at Royal Ascot which always used to be on the Friday, the Queen Alexandra, a proper flat race over 2 miles 5 1/2 furlongs!  A race in which you get your money's worth, purely as a spectator.  None of this over in a minute 5 furlong rubbish!

Current standing for TAM2016  +3.5 pts.

The current standing means that even if all the horses selected today lose we will still have shown a profit, once again, on the Royal meeting, if you've backed all the selections to the advised stakes.  Glad to have been of assistance!  

TAM2016 will be back for Glorious Goodwood at the end of July, roughly about the time the British football seasons will re-start.  There may be the odd bet for the baseball pitched in between now and then, but basically I am taking a sumner break, to ensure that I come back refreshed for the 2016/17 season.

One last tip before I get on to today's horses.  Vote to Remain in the EU.  It's a vote for the future of your children and grandchildren.  

You are advised for TAM2016 to have the following bets:
                                                                                                        Race       Day           
Royal Ascot 14.30 0.2 pt win Cunco @ 4-1  3rd 7-2.                      -0.2       -0.2

Royal Ascot 15.05 0.2 pt win Sir Isaac Newton @ 10-1 1st 7-1      +2.00    +1.8

Royal Ascot 15.40 0.2pt win Highland Reel @ 11-1  2nd 6-1          -0.2      +1.6
                     Plus 0.2pt win free bet @ SP

Royal Ascot 16.20 0.2 pt win The Tin Man @  4-1  Unp 100-30        -0.2     +1.4

Royal Ascot 17.00 0.2 pt win The Happy Prince @  14-1 Unp 7-1 jf  -0.2    +1.2

Royal Ascot 17.35 0.2 pt win Clondaw Warrior @ 9-2  3rd 7-2 jf        -0.2    +1.0

All these bets should, as they have been for the rest of the week, be placed with .  The Channel4-1 offer applies to the first two races today via More4.  The other four races are bing broadcast on Channel 4.  Should we find the winner of the 17.35 I will post again regarding my selection for the free bet you will have won.  Don't forget you'll have to bet your 0.2 pt free bet on the next horse in the list in addition to the bets advised.  Bet365 then refund your stake.

Away from Royal Ascot you are advised to have:

Newmarket 15.20  0.2 pt win Donnerhall @ 13-2  Unp 7-1          -0.2         +0.8

Total stake for TAM2016 1.4 pts.  Return 2.2 pts.  Profit 0.8 pt.

A Small Profit Is A Profit Nonetheless!

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