Monday, 2 May 2016

Baseball 2016 (First Post)

As the curtain starts to fall on a bit of a mixed bag of a season for it's time to produce a shiny new method, in the shape of TheBaseballTipper2016.  This is going to be a little different to the last two years in that there will not be bets every day.  There may not be bets every week, but we will still be trying to hit a profit target of 5 pts with a 50 pt starting bank.  What does this mean I hear you cry?

If your starting bank is £50 each point (pt) is worth £1 and your profit target is £5.

If your starting bank is £5,000, each pt is worth £100 & your profit target is £500.

As always, this should be money that you are quite prepared to lose.  Keep it separate from your housekeeping money.  Do not risk financial ruin by following any of the methods on this site with your mortgage or rent money.  This is supposed to be profitable for you but it does not come with any cast iron guarantee of success!

On to the first bet of the season.

For TheBaseballTipper2016 you are advised to have a 0.5 pt win single on the Chicago White Sox to win the World Series* @ 28-1 with UK Sportsbook.

Total stake 0.5 pt.

All season long bets, marked * will be treated as lost money in the profit and loss account until they are actually a winning bet.  At that point, should it occur, the stake money and profit will be included in the accounting.

Just to give you an example, The above investment will be shown in the next post in the profit and loss accounts as -0.5 pt.  if the above advised investment should win in October/November the profit will be +14 pts.

Good Fortune Viewers!

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