Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Midweek Mutterings.

Current standing for TheBaseballTipper2015  - 15.669 pts.

That's the way it is going to stay, at least until the weekend, because the midweek fixture list is too tricky to get involved with.

One of the Weekend Winner punters who still has outstanding prizes has notified me that he wanted a punt with Coral Icon 50x28 that a certain side in the Championship will beat another side in the Championship @ 5-4.  I'm not putting up on here in case someone thinks that it is a tip from me!  You'll have to scroll down a long way in the link to find it!

We stand two winning bets away from an end to TheBaseballTipper2015.  As a consequence I have to be careful in order to get those of you who have been following this method since May 2015 over the profit target line.  We've been close before, but never so confident!

TheBaseballTipper2016 will probably not exist unless TheBaseballTipper2015 fails to get over the line and still has some points in its bankroll on May 1st.  Then both methods will be amalgamated to be TheBaseballTipper2015/16 and its profit target will become 10 pts.

Keeping The Powder Dry!

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