Sunday, 21 February 2016

Crack Open the Bubbly!

Current standings:

The Dangerous Method  +10.35 pts.

TheBaseballTipper2015  -14.288 pts.

Well that's it for The Dangerous Method in the UK football season of 2015/16.  We've been as low as -13 pts and if you'd taken the bold step of following every bet from that point on you'd be in front by well over a £1,000.  The truth of the matter is the profit target of 10 points has been hit and that's the fifth season of the last six that has been achieved.  The profits and loss since season 2010/11 are all laid out at the following link:

Now we just have to haul TheBaseballTipper2015 over the finish line.  It's now on it's own, placing the bets that would have been placed for The Dangerous Method, but for the fact that they are not required. The stake for the next bet will be 5.3 pts.  We'll probably have to use more than one bookie to place the bets so make sure you have accounts with all the following to enable you to get your bets on.

  bet365    Boylesports Coral Icon 50x28     Paddy Power UK Sportsbook

And Drain The Glass!

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