Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The Safe Method Bites the Dust...

All I can do is apologise to those of you who have been following The Safe Method since the beginning of the season, way back in July.  I had a dose of the punter's worst enemy, anger and basically threw the last three or so points of the bankroll away.  Idiotic, but there you are.  This means that The Safe Method has proved to be anything but.  Attempting to win 25% of your starting bank every year is a big ask.  Eventually you are probably going to walk into the sucker punch of a bad run that is long enough to gobble up your cash.  If you are game enough to want to have another go at following The Safe Method  it will be renamed to The Safe Method (Anything But)  and you are advised to start with a bank of 25 pts in an attempt to make 5 pts profit.  Should it start, it will be at the commencement of the 2016-17 UK football season.

Since started in 2010 The Safe Method  has lost £1,161.45.  It will now take a minimum of five years to recoup those losses.  If I were you I'd steer well clear of my The Safe Method tips... 

Current standings:

The Safe Method  -20.00 pts (With 1 pt in bets on the Premier League still in running.)

The Dangerous Method +0.27 pt

The Proper Footy Tipping Season Starts Now Method +0.07 pt

TheBaseballTipper2015 -24.368 pts

There are no mid-week bets advised today.

United We Will Be!

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