Friday, 15 January 2016

First Legs of the Weekend Double.

We're sticking a toe in the water tonight to give ourselves more room for manoeuvre over the rest of the weekend.

For The Dangerous Method, TheBaseballTipper2015 & The Proper Footy Tipping Season Starts Now Method you are advised to have the following bets this evening:

A.  1.6 pts Burnley to beat Brentford @ 19-10 which is currently available with UK Sportsbook.  Score 3-1 to Burnley.

B.  1.4 pts Burnley & Brentford to draw @ 12-5, currently available with bet365 .

Total stake for the above methods 3.00 pts.  Return 4.64 pts.  Profit 1.64 pts.

For The Safe Method you are advised to have:

C.  0.5pt Burnley to beat Brentford @ 19-10 which is also available @ Coral Icon 50x28

D.  0.5 pt   Burnley and Brentford to draw @ 12-5 which is also available @ .

Total stake for the above method 1.00 pt.  Return 1.45 pts.  Profit 0.45 pt. 


On to other matters.  This is the last week in the current run for,  

It's a competition that was designed to attract new customers to the site and give them a chance of winning a minimum of 1 x £10 free bet, all profits to be theirs, with the stake money rolling over to give them another £10 free bet the following week.  No betting conditions to get the prize.  Lots of players have outstanding winning bets to place and when these have been lost I may re-start the competition.  The truth is it just must look
too good to be true because nobody new has signed up since the summer and I have not got bottomless pockets!  If you want me to re-start the competition drop me an e-mail, to:

That means that after the weekend we are now down to just one competition here at,

This is straightforward enough to enter, all you have to do is open an account with UK Sportsbook through by clicking on their colourful logo and then send me a copy of your entry for each round.  Click the link for full T & C's.

Early Bird!

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