Saturday, 2 January 2016

Back on Cruise Control.

After a proper win, with both selections winning 1-0 the current standings look like this:

The Dangerous Method  +3.41 pts

TheBaseballTipper2015 -18.628 pts

The Safe Method -14.632 pts

These good results mean that next weekend there will be a press on all three methods of 50% of the profit from the previous bet...that is if I can find any selections and with the FA Cup 3rd round looming, it might be difficult to do so.

The Weekend Winner competition is heading for its last two weeks.  It's been run for a year and hasn't enticed any new punters to sign-up to any bookies via the even though it is Better By Far than any free bet offers you can get from any bookmaker out there.  The reason it's so good is that you have access, every weekend, to a competition that gives away a £10 free bet to the winner.  When I say free I mean free, there's no play through requirement.  Any money you win, you win, plus you get another £10 free bet every time your bet wins.  The only catch is you never get to take the £10 stake home with you.  As it was never yours in the first place I don't see that as a problem!


49 bets

22 winners

19 bets are left to be placed

Returns are so far £433.87.  

Not To Be Sniffed At!

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