Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The Tinkerman Lands on a Small Ladder?

This little ladder isn't going to take us far up the road to a profit, but it will ensure that we don't lose much whatever happens tomorrow evening.  As things stand:

If Reading win the game there will be a profit of  3.474 pts.

If Queens Park Rangers win there will be a profit of 3.934 pts.

If the match is drawn there will be a loss of 3.75 pts.

The best price on the draw is 5-2 so you are advised for TAM, The Dangerous Method & TheBaseballTipper2015 only, to have:

E. 1.4 pt single on Reading to draw with Queens Park Rangers @ 5-2 which you can find @ bet365 .  Loser, score 0-1.

The return for this bet will be, if it wins, 4.9 pts.  A profit on the bet of 3.5 pts.

This will mean that we will show a 2.074 pt profit if Reading win and the next bet at the weekend will be 4.75 pts.

A 2.534 pt profit if Queens Park Rangers win and the next bet will be 5 pts.  Score 1-0 to QPR.

A 0.25 pt loss if the match is drawn and the next bet will be 3.5 pts.


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