Sunday, 29 November 2015

Reasons to be Fearful Part 1.

Current Standings:

TAM -3.306 pts.

The Dangerous Method -2.636 pts.

TheBaseballMethod2015 -21.481 pts.

The Safe Method -12.04 pts.

The problem with not following through with big bets is that a loser is always laying unseen, just over the horizon with that big wet fish in his hands waiting to slap us in the kisser, just as soon as we have the courage to start pressing again.  Of course this is always easy to see with hindsight.  Fear of losing is not a bad thing to have as a punter.  It stops you from getting hurt too badly when the inevitable bad run strikes.  I was concerned at the weekend that we had finally found a weekend of fixtures that were going to trip us up.  Hooray for being wrong!  Boo for being a coward, even if there were sound reasons for it.

There may, or there may not be a mid-week bet advised on Tuesday, but whether it's next Tuesday or next Friday or Saturday the bet will be to a stake of 3.75 pts.  These bets are not for the faint of heart or The Safe Method.

Be Bold!  Be Brave!

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