Saturday, 14 November 2015

More to Say.

Current standings:

TAM -11.69

The Dangerous Method -11.02

TheBaseballTipper2015  -29.865

The Safe Method  -11.89

Betting at 1-3 on a long term basis is a recipe for disaster, unless you know something the that the bookies that you are betting with don't.  The only way we're going to make money betting at these odds is if we have a long run of winners and we're pressing all the time.  That is now the modus operandi for the rest of the season because I do think that I know something that the bookies don't.  The next time we have a bet we will be staking 3.6 pts.  I am letting you know this in advance because I don't want you getting knocked back when you are placing your bets.  It's going to be more important than ever that you open accounts with as many of the bookmakers I recommend as possible.  Here they are, just click on the logo to go to their sites:

  bet365    Boylesports Coral Icon 50x28     Paddy Power UK Sportsbook

I am hopefully never, well, I write that and it's a barefaced lie, I want you to have to place some 2 pt, or larger bets with individual bookmakers.  That way you'll be in the profit, the whole reason for the blog & web-site. We don't want them closing your accounts, so bets of that size will probably be as big as they get.  If a bookie isn't willing to accept regular bets of £100 then they're not in the right business.

I have to let you know that if you're not playing it already, you really need to start playing 
mainly because this week the weekly jackpot isn't £250,000 it's £1,000,000 if you get all six right!  Plus if you sign-up to SkyBET by clicking on the banner above, you'll also get another shot at winning a chunk of the £1,000,000 if you enter  a competition that is exclusive to

Let's Get Winning!

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