Saturday, 5 September 2015

Winding Down.

After having a week off due to a musical interlude I have decided that as my musical career is as successful as my career as an affiliate, my time would be better spent plink-plonking my life away on my ukulele as opposed to trying to persuade you, my loyal readers, to sign -up to bookmakers who will eventually close my affiliate account due to the fact that you are or are not signing-up to them and taking them to the cleaners.

Now this doesn't mean that I am stopping with  What it means is I'll be waiting much longer between bets.  Using today as an example, we are going to have a treble on the baseball and no bets on the football.  There may, or may not be football tips next weekend.  There may or may not be tips on the baseball in the coming week.  For both we'll be relying on the value factor.  If a bet looks like value we'll be having it.  If not, we won't.

My intention is to reach the profit targets for all methods currently operating.  When I have done so I will stop tipping....for now.  

There will be no new admission to any of the competitions currently running on website unless I give you a personal invitation to do so.  All those who have previously entered and qualified to win a prize are still welcome to compete.

Current standings are as follows:

TAM  -1.83 pts

The Dangerous Method   -4.16 pts  

 The Safe Method -3.40 pts  

TheBaseballTipper 2015  - 24.66 pts  

OK on to the tips.

For TheBaseballTipper 2015  you are advised to have a 1.03 pt treble on:

Cincinnati Reds to beat Milwaukee Brewers in Game2. @ 5-6

Kansas City Royals to beat Chicago White Sox @ 5-7

Seattle Mariners to beat Oakland Athletics @ 10-13

These prices are available with  bet365  at 16.00 hrs BST

Total stake 1.03 pts.

First pitch in these games 23.10 BST

Good Fortune Viewers!

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