Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The Advertising Method.

Or should that be The Ashes Method?

Either way, the first thing you are advised to do is to open an account with  by clicking on the logo.

This is because we are going to take an adventurous trip into the world of laying.

For TAM only you are advised to lay 5.6 pts to win 2 pts on the draw between England & Australia in the First Test at Sophia Gardens Cardiff.  This means that you are betting on either England or Australia winning the Match.  You lose if the match finishes as a draw.  

The way to do this is to sign-up, deposit sufficient funds to place the bet and click on the cricket tab.  Next up you click on Ashes 2015 on the left hand menu and the odds for the game will appear on screen.  You need to click on the pink tab under the 'x', it is currently displaying 3.7.  Having done that, a pink bet slip will appear in the top right hand side of the screen.  You need to enter the £ sterling equivalent of 2 pts in the 'Backers Stake' box and click the yellow & black 'Place bets' when you can see that your 'liability' is 5.6 pts or less.

So, if you are staking the advised £50/point you will need to lay out £280 to win £100 before commission is taken into account.  Until the match is over we are going to ignore the commission because it is only taken from your final profit in the market.  We will be trading on this market at Lunch/Tea/ Close of play for the day, so you are advised to come back to this page, when these breaks in play occur, to see if there is any advice for further bets/lays.

Lunch, Day 1.  No trade.

16.45 Day 1.  No trade.

Close of play, Day 1. Lay the draw (@2.88) 1.88 pts to win 1 pt. 

Lunch, Day 2.  No trade.

Tea, Day 2.  No trade.

Close of play, Day 2. No trade.

Start of play, Day 3. Back the draw (@3.00) 1pt to win 2 pts.

Lunch, Day 3.  No Trade.

Tea, Day 3. Back the draw (@7.00) for 1.00 pt to win 6.00 pts.

This will only be applied to the profit & loss when I have seen at least 5 pts traded at 7.00 or bigger.  Currently £2,981 has been traded and there are £8 waiting to be matched.  So, when the traded figure reaches £3,250 the bets will be applied.  

Well, that's now been reached. £4,222 has been traded at 17.10.

Match result Draw + 0.494pt  England win + 0.95 pt  Australia win +0.95 pt

Current profit/loss for TAM +0.35 pt 

The Summer Rolls On! 

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