Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Something for TAM!

Quite a lot actually.

Firstly, there is a competition for you to enter.  It has three prizes, one of £50 worth of free bets, one of £30 worth of free bets & one of £20 worth of free bets.  

Anyone can enter!

For all the details go to 138.com Top 4

That link explains it all in detail.  My advice is send your prediction for the top four finishers in The Open Golf Championship to competitions@thetipper.co.uk then read the rest of this post, follow the betting advice for TAM and you will be in with a great shout of winning one of the above prizes!

This is the advice that was given to subscribers yesterday...

There may not be any bets on the baseball until next Monday, but there is plenty of sporting action going on and I can't ignore a couple of stand out opportunities, the first of which finishes on Sunday.  It's The Open Championship at St. Andrews.

There hasn't been such a hot favourite since Tiger was in his pomp and it's very difficult to see past him especially with a couple of firms paying 1/4 odds the first 8 for e.w. bets.

So for TheBaseballTipper 2015 you are advised to have the following.
If you have already had at least  £20 worth of bets with   in July, you should ignore the next paragraph.  If not, make sure that you bet whatever is required to make sure you have had £20 worth, so that will be a maximum of 0.2 pt e.w.
Now, I know that you have all opened an account with .  So, you should have up to  but no more than, 0.2 pt e.w. on Jordan Spieth @ 11-2.

You will then have qualified to win one of the three prizes on offer in The 138.com Top 4 the closing date for which is 00.00 on Thursday 16th July.  If you haven't done so already, I urge you to enter!

The rest of the bet should be placed on the next paragraph.

 Up to 0.5 pts e.w. @ 6-1 on Jordan Spieth to win The Open Championship with   Your total stake 1.00 pt.

* If you are a new   you will get 15-1 for this bet! *  Take advantage of this offer if you can!

For the settling of this bet it will be 0.2 pt e.w @ 11-2 and 0.3 pt e.w.@ 6-1 and a Jordan Spieth  top 8 finish means that you get some kind of win.

The second bet is to lay the draw in the second Test between England and Australia at Lords.  With the long range forecast being relatively fine for all five days I can't see either side either wanting to, or being able to bat for two days, which is what, for the match to be drawn, will be the requirement.   

So, you are advised to set up the following on the  exchange.

LAY the draw for 5.2 pts to win 2 pts. (The draw is currently priced up at 3.6)

BACK the draw for 0.2 pt. @ 28 to return 5.4 pts. 

You now keep this lay & bet in play by ticking the appropriate box.  They will now stay up, waiting to be matched, regardless of what happens in the game until they are matched.

The way I will know that your lay has been matched and your bet has been taken is from  's trading history

The draw has, as of writing, traded £4758 and there is £865 waiting to be traded @ 3.6.  When the traded total has reached £10,000 I'm going to say for arguments sake that your lay has been taken.

For your bet £0.00 has been traded and £0.00 is waiting to be traded, so when the traded figure for 28 or bigger reaches £250 I'm going to say that your bet is on.  

I think that's it until the baseball is back.  If not you'll get another e-mail.

All the best!

Now, all that was sent to subscribers yesterday.  Since then a lot has happened.  If I thought that 11-2 was a decent bet you can be sure that 13-2, 8 places paid at 1/4 odds is much better, so for TAM you are advised to have 0.5 to e.w. on Jordan Spieth @ 13-2 with

If you haven't got an account with  you should take advantage of their offer of 15-1 on Jordan Spieth not forgetting to make sure you have a go at 138.com Top 4 by having 0.2 pt e.w. with them if you need to and the rest with .

For the second advised bet.  The one on the second Test Match at Lords:

You are advised to have the same Lay and Bet advised to subscribers yesterday.  Now even though the price for the draw has understandably drifted, you are still advised to set up the transactions as outlined above.  Once you've done that you must show patience, it's the number one virtue you need when setting up these kinds of gambling transactions.

The bets for TAM  look like this.

0.5 pt e.w. @ 13-2 1/4 odds first 8 with .

Lay 5.2 pts to win 2 pts the draw in the 2nd Test.  Lay taken, odds @ 17.35 Thursday 2.50.

Bet on the draw for 0.2 pt. @ 28 to return 5.4 pts. 

Total stake for TAM 6.2 pts.

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