Thursday, 30 July 2015

Major League Disaster.

Here's yesterday's e-mail:

From "Andy Walsh" <>
To "Andrew Walsh" <>
Date Wed, 29 Jul 2015 15:09:58 +0100
Subject Baseball selections for 29th July 2015.

You are advised to have a 4 pt single on:

Kansas City Royals (Guthrie) to beat Cleveland Indians (Kluber) @ 7-5 which you can get from

totesport.comBetfair Sportsbook &  BetFred

You can get the following better prices.

29-20 with:  &  

6-4 with  

You are advised to split your bets up amongst bookmakers.  Limit yourself to 1.00 pt per bookie.

You are also advised to have 0.5 pt on  the following 5 timer.

Kansas City Royals (Guthrie) to beat Cleveland Indians (Kluber)

Seattle Mariners (Hernandez) to beat Arizona Diamondbacks (Corbin)

Toronto Blue Jays (Dickey) to beat Philadelphia Phillies (Williams)

New York Yankees (Tanaka) to beat Texas Rangers (Lewis)

St Louis Cardinals (Lackey) to beat Cincinnati Reds (DeSciafoni)

You are advised to have this bet with  Bet365 at odds of 12-1.  If the prices are significantly shorter than this at the first pitch I will adjust them accordingly. 

Total stake 4.5 pts.

First pitch 17.10 BST


Kansas City Royals 1-12  Cleveland Indians

Seattle Mariners 2-8 Arizona Diamondbacks

Toronto Blue Jays 8-2 Philadelphia Phillies

New York Yankees 2-5 Texas Rangers

St Louis Cardinals 0-1 Cincinnati Reds

Total Stake 4.5 pts.  Return 0.00 pts.  Loss 4.5 pts.

Current standing for TheBaseballTipper 2015 -12.67 pts. 

One out of 5 right.  What I thought looked a stone cold 4-5 odds on shot priced up at 6-4 against, lost 12-1 with a display of pitching by Jeremy Guthrie that I think I could have managed.  That is not an exaggeration.  There is a precedent for what happened last night.  You have to go a long way back  That one bet of 25% of the starting bank effectively destroyed the 2012/13 season.  Stakes had been increasing for some considerable time before the bet in that post was advised.  Fortunately, if you're doing things right last night's result cost less than 10% of your starting bank, so all is not yet lost.  What I am going to do is to reduce the stakes to 1 pt win singles plus a small stakes accumulator.  It looks now as if TheBaseballTipper 2015  is going to run well into the football season.  There will be no more rash attempts to finish the season early.

That was an

Emmmm  Elll  Deeee!

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