Saturday, 20 June 2015

Royal Ascot 2015. Day 5.

Current standing for Michael Vaughan's Royal Ascot Method +4.005 pts

                                                                                                         Daily total

14.30 0.2 pt win Force @ 9-1.  Unp 15-2.  Loss 0.2 pt                      -0.2 pt     
15.05  0.2 pt win First Flight @ 9-1.  Unp 11-2.   Loss 0.2 pt            -0.4 pt  
           0.1 pt e.w. Provenance @ 10-1.  Unp 10-1.  Loss 0.2 pt        -0.6 pt

15.40 (0.2 pt win Eagle Top)*  No Bet.  2nd 2-1                                -0.6 pt
           0.1 pt e.w.  Hillstar @ 16-1.  Unp 16-2.   Loss 0.2 pt              -0.8 pt     

16.20 0.2 pt win Mustajeeb @ 5-1.  Unp 7-2jf  Loss 0.2 pt               -1.0 pt 
          0.1 pt e.w. Due Diligence @ 6-1.  Unp 5-1  Loss 0.2 pt          -1.2 pts 

17.00 0.2 pt win Zarwaan @ 16-1.  Non runner.   +/- 0.00                -1.2 pts
          0.1pt e.w. Tatlisca  @ 10-1.  Unp 8-1  Loss 0.2 pt                  -1.4 pts                
17.35 0.2 pt win Oriental Fox @ 15-2.  1st 4-1  
                            Return 1.7 pts.  Profit 1.5 pts                                +0.1 pt   

Oriental Fox's win means that there will be one more bet in an attempt to boost this year's Royal Ascot profits a little bit further.  We now have a 0.2 pt Free bet  courtesy of  bet365  on the next race that Channel 4 broadcast.  It will either be at Newcastle or Newmarket next Saturday.  As soon as I am aware of which race it is I will tweet it on @thetipperuk and I'll post it on this blog too.  Amazingly enough we only diluted the profits at Royal Ascot with the bets we had that were supposed to enhance them... 
Away from Ascot.

17.55 Newmarket 0.2 pt win Use Your Filbert @ 5-2.  
                            2nd 7-4f.                                      Loss 0.2 pt       -0.1 pt          

All bets to be placed with  bet365 .

There may be another bet on this race.  It just depends on the price of Eagle Top.  If, at any point, Eagle Top is 4-1 or bigger you are advised to have 0.2 pt win on him.  If he doesn't drift to 4-1, leave him well alone.  I will post the time that 4-1 is available in a tweet and on here, if it happens.  Price went from 3-1 to 100-30 then he was backed in to 2-1.

How to use your 'free bets':   They are in the form of a risk free bet.  You will have to place the bet using your own money and it is refunded by  bet365  if your selection loses.

Total stake 2.0 pts.  Return 1.9 pts.  Loss 0.1 pt.

Almost Wrapped Up Then!

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