Friday, 19 June 2015

Royal Ascot 2015. Day 4.

Current standing for Michael Vaughan's Royal Ascot Method +3.505 pts

Days like yesterday don't come along very often.  About once in every ten years is my guess.  I write this because I don't want anyone getting carried away and upping their stakes today.  Michael Vaughan's Royal Ascot Method is the only free service left on for a very good reason.  If you are punting on horse racing it is incredibly difficult to show a profit.  The Grand National this year had an SP over round of 165%.  That is frankly scandalous.  It is scandalous because The Grand National is the one race that most people in the UK will have a bet on.  It is horse racing's shop window.  It should also be horse racing's loss leader.  The bookies should be doing their best to shave their percentage to zero on that race, because it's the first time punters, punting and winning that become punters for life.  By ripping those people off, you alienate, through greed, the very lifeblood of your business.

With over rounds on racing of 165% you are better off playing FOBT's and playing on those machines is the road to hell in a blaze of flashing lights and jingle jangles.  

There are a couple of bookmakers who do their best to encourage punters to back the horses.  I honestly believe that  bet365 's Royal Ascot Offers are without equal.  I'm sure Paddy Power would have something to say about that and actually, I don't think either of these companies have the blinkered attitude that some firms, who shall remain nameless, have towards their possible future regular customers.  Some firms even changed their sign-up offers over Grand National weekend to reduce the incentives they were offering to new punters to sign-up!

I have to ask those bookmakers, are you in the accountancy business or the gambling business?  Do you know anything about the psychology of gambling, the very foundation of the business you profess to be running, or is that now irrelevant because the bean counters have taken over?

                                                                                                               Daily total

14.30 0.2 pt win Laxfield Road @ 6-1* .  Unp 6-1.  Loss 0.2 pt                -0.2 pt            
15.05  0.2 pt win Balios @ 5-1.  (At 10.30 was 9-2*) 1st 3-1 Rtn 1.1 pt   +0.7 pt

15.40 0.2 pt win Limato @ 11-2.  2nd 9-2.  Loss 0.2 pt                           +0.5 pt
        +0.2 pt Free Bet @ 9-2.

16.20 0.2 pt win Erveydya @ 4-1.  1st @ 3-1  Rtn 1.0 pt                         +1.3 pts 

17.00 0.2 pt win Igider @ 13-2  Unp 7-1.  Loss 0.2 pt                            +1.1 pts
        +0.2 pt Free Bet  @   7-1
          0.1pt e.w. Dashing Star @ 9-1  Unp 6-1 jf.  Loss 0.2 pt                +0.9 pt                   

17.35 0.2 pt win Bantry Bay @ 4-1. Unp 3-1.  Loss 0.2 pt                     +0.7 pt       
Away from Ascot.

19.05 Newmarket 0.2 pt win Nemoralia @ 9-4.  Unp 11-4 Loss 0.2 pt  +0.5 pt

All bets to be placed with  bet365 .

* Price adjusted down and bet settled at the shorter price for latecomers.  If the price in the list drifted it wasn't adjusted up from the 10.00 a.m. early price.

If we win any free bets at Royal Ascot they should be placed on the next horse in the next race in the list today or should Bantry Bay win, the first race tomorrow with  bet365 .    They are in the form of a risk free bet.  You will have to place the bet using your own money and it is refunded by  bet365  if your selection loses.

Total stake 1.6 pts.  Return 2.1 pts.  Profit 0.5 pt.

Next Michael Vaughan's Royal Ascot Method post approximately 10.00 a.m. Tomorrow morning.

Flying High!

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