Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Royal Ascot 2015 Day 1.

Michael Vaughan's Royal Ascot Advice Service. 

Current profit and loss situation @ 11.00 BST 16th June 2015 for
Michael Vaughan's Royal Ascot Method is -1.645 pts.

We are going to try to take advantage of  bet365 's Channel 4 offer whereby, if we can find a winner @ 4-1 or longer we get a free bet on the next Channel 4 race.  As they also offer a price promise, i.e. if you take a price after 10.00 BST and SP is bigger they give you the biggest price, you are advised to take the following prices on all the selections.

                                                                                                               Daily total

14.30 0.2 pt win Able Friend @ 11-4.  Unp 11-4.  
          Return 0.00.  Loss 0.2 pt                                                                  0.2 pt
          0.2 pt e.w Night of Thunder 5-1.  Unp 4-1.
          Return 0.00.  Loss 0.4 pt                                                                  0.6 pt              

15.05  0.2 pt win Air Force Blue @ (7-1) 13-2*  2nd 7-2.
           Return 0.00. Loss 0.2 pt.                                                                 0.8 pt

15.40 0.2 pt win Muthmir @ 11-2  3rd 3-1.
          Return 0.00            Loss 0.2 pt                                                        1.0 pt

16.25 0.2 pt e.w Consort @ 13-2.  Unp 6-1.
          Return 0.00            Loss 0.4 pt                                                       1.4 pts

17.00 0.2 pt win Ray Ward @ 7-1  Unp 11-2.
         Return 0.00            Loss 0.2 pt                                                        1.6 pts                    

17.35 0.2 pt win Soapy Aitken @ 13-2. Unp 5-1.
        Return 0.00            Loss 0.2 pt                                                         1.8 pts                     
          0.2 pt win Washington DC @ 11-2.  1st 5-1.
          Return 1.3 pts Profit 1.1 pts                                                            0.7 pt    

Away from Ascot.

14.20 Thirsk 0.2 pt win Saturn Lace @ 11-2.  3rd 13-2.  Return 0.00.  Loss -0.2    0.9 pt 

All the horses above have drifted in the betting save from Air Force Blue whose price* has been adjusted accordingly @ 13.40.  So unless SP is longer these are the prices at which any winning bets will be settled.

If we win any free bets at Royal Ascot they should be placed on the next horse in the list today or should Soapy Aitken win, the first race tomorrow with bet365 .  Soapy Aitken didn't win but Washington DC did and if you backed Washington DC before you backed Soapy Aitken you will have a free bet in the first Race at Royal Ascot on Tuesday.  If you made that mistake...well done!  They are in the form of a risk free bet.  You will have to place the bet using your own money and it is refunded by bet365 if your selection loses.

Total stake for Michael Vaughan's Royal Ascot Advice Service 2.20 pt.  Return 1.3 pts.  Loss 0.9 pt

Current profit and loss situation at the end of Day 1. 16th June 2015 for 
Michael Vaughan's Royal Ascot Method is -2.545 pts.

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