Sunday, 21 June 2015

An Open Letter to Michael Vaughan Regarding Royal Ascot.

Dear Michael,

It was with great pleasure that I was able to tip a number of decent priced winners for you at Royal Ascot this year.  I do hope you followed the instructions I outlined in the blog posts to the letter.  I know it will have been difficult for you to do this.  I would imagine that England captains don't take too kindly to being told what to do, especially when they are from Yorkshire and the person doing the telling is from anywhere South of Holte's Syke.  

I do think that you are a reasonable sort of fellow, I wouldn't have responded to your request for tips on twitter for Ascot in June 2013 if you weren't.  You talk a lot of sense on Test Match Special, apart from when you're coating off England's current Test Match captain for his field placings. He's by nature a defender and a batsman, so his modus operandi is to stem the flow of runs to create frustration as opposed to mounting an all out frontal assault on the opposition's batsmen to bowl them out.  I'm with Cookie on this one and you and I will have to disagree.

However, I haven't received any thanks for all the winners and losers I have posted for you and after two years I'm beginning to feel that I'm not appreciated.  It's now the only free service remaining on and as such needs a bit of bigging up or something will have to change.

I'm thinking seriously about shutting down Michael Vaughan's Royal Ascot Method.  

Since it's inception two years ago it has made you, (at least I hope it has) £195.25 + anything garnered from a £10 free bet next weekend.  It hasn't cost you money to have tips in every race at the biggest meetings aside from Aintree in the racing calendar, you will actually have made money whilst being entertained.  There are not many services that do that for free.

There is also the issue of keeping your name in the public eye.  Ask anyone under 20 who Michael Vaughan is and they'll probably say, "He's the old geezer on Test Match Special who laughs at Swanny's jokes and takes the piss out of Geoffrey." Or "Wasn't he on Strictly Come Dancing?"

Anyway, if I'm to continue posting tips, Glorious Goodwood is next, the first day being the 28th July, I need an endorsement from you on the efficacy of my tips.  Actually you could even say they are a pile of horse shit if you want to.  I'm a great believer in there being no such thing as bad publicity, especially when you're running a subscription service!

One thing I think we will definitely agree on, with England's attitude currently being so positive an Ashes win in 2015 is a distinct possibility!

Best wishes,



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  2. I had a sort of reply. He's blocked me on twitter. There's gratitude for you! Michael Vaughan's Royal Ascot Method is now closed, save for the free bet available to us courtesy of Bet365 on Saturday 27th June 2015. For those of you who followed it, I hope you made a profit. Don't forget you can always subscribe to all the other methods!


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