Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Weekend Winner a Change of Format.

Hello Subscribers and Loyalty Bonus Members!

Now that the football has stopped for a few weeks the Weekend Winner competition is going to change.

Instead of picking a single bet on the football it's going to get a whole lot more complicated!

You are going to have to pick three teams to win from Saturday's scheduled MLB games.  Easy?  No, but that is the easy bit.  The tough bit is the tiebreaker.

You are going to have to decide which inning the winning run for each game will be scored, add those innings up and come up with a number between 3 & 33 or more

"Hey, what!"  I can hear you saying, "That's way too difficult for me, I don't know anything about baseball."  Not a problem.

To make this simple you can set up a 'Standing order' until the football season recommences.  You just name 3 teams to back every week and pick your lucky number between 3 & 33 or more & write an e-mail laid out as follows, with the subject line 'Standing Order', to  This is only an example and it is also the format you should send in if you are planning to make a different entry every week!

Los Angeles Dodgers  /  New York Yankees  /  Oakland Athletics  /  7 innings of victory

This will be your entry every week until you say otherwise, I say otherwise, or the football season starts.

The deadline will change from 23.59 BST on Friday night to 12.00 p.m. BST Saturday lunchtime, to give those of you who like to, a chance to study the form.

If anyone duplicates a standing order entry, either with a standing order entry or a one off entry the duplicator will have their tiebreaker increased by one inning.  So, it's first come, first served on this.

There may be other rule changes as the competition evolves.  As usual,'s decision in any dispute is final.

Get Winning Guys & Gals!

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