Sunday, 3 May 2015

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back.

Here are yesterday's baseball selections:


From "Andy Walsh" <>
To "Andrew Walsh" <>
Date Sat, 2 May 2015 13:58:03 +0100
Subject Baseball selections for Saturday 2nd May 2015

You are advised to have a 0.1pt patent on the following:

Chicago Cubs to beat Milwaukee Brewers @ 10-17

Houston Astros to beat Seattle Mariners @ 5-7

NewYork Mets to beat Washington Nationals @ 21-20

These prices are available at the time of writing 14.00 hrs BST with Coral

Total stake 0.7 pt.

Good Luck Folks!


Chicago Cubs 1-6 Milwaukee Brewers

Houston Astros 11-4 Seattle Mariners 

New York Mets 0-1 Washington Nationals

I would venture to say that they didn't quite pan out as expected.  Weirdly enough our only winner's price lengthened to 8-11, but we'll still settle at the shorter price.

Total stake 0.7 pt.  Return 0.17 pt.  Loss 0.53 pt.

Current standing for TheBaseballTipper 2015 +0.65 pt

I can't really trumpet my services after that little debacle, so in a soft wheedling voice I'll say, "Is there anyone out there who fancies Subscribing, it's only £100/annum for all the methods?"

Follow all of them and if we hit the profit targets for the year you will have a £1,250 win.  Plus, when you subscribe you're immediately eligible to have a go at the Weekend Winner Competition, the competition that has given out £330 worth of free bets and shared out £250 worth of winnings in 14 weeks, very unevenly, amongst its entrants!

Good Fortune Viewers!

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