Saturday, 16 May 2015

Not One Of Them Started.

Yesterday was a bit of a freakish day.  Not one of the listed pitchers in the games where bets were advised actually started for our teams and here is BetVictor's appropriate rule.

5. MLB BettingPitchers are listed. Should the stated pitcher for either side not start the game (throw at least the first pitch for his team) then all pre-event markets will be made void.

So this means that all the bets were void, meaning that we should have a profit and loss of +/- 0.00.  After last night's performances you'll be jolly glad of that rule because, on paper we actually lost 0.13 pt.  This may well mean that the true profit and loss is somewhat different to the advertised figures.  However as we are in the minus, I am going to let it stand as it is.  I will be listing the pitchers for all the bets from now on so that I can put up figures that are accurate.  Please accept my apologies for any errors thus far and if you know of any figures that are wrong, i.e. you got a different return than was advertised and you want me to adjust the profit and loss figures down, please let me know.  If your P&L is bigger than that stated don't bother saying anything, just keep the money in your pocket!

Yesterday's tips were as follows:

From "Andy Walsh" <>
To "Andrew Walsh" <>
Date Fri, 15 May 2015 16:00:41 +0100
Subject Selections for 15th May 2015

You are advised to have a 0.1 pt patent on the following:

Cincinnati Reds to beat San Francisco Giants @ 23-20  Advertised starter for CIN, Leake, actual starter Marquis.

Seattle Mariners to beat Boston Red Sox @ 9-10  Advertised starter for SEA, Hernandez, actual starter Happ.

Los Angeles Dodgers to beat Colorado Rockies @ 1-3  Advertised starter for LAD, Leake, actual starter Kershaw.

First pitch of the evening 18.00  BST.
These prices are available at the time of writing, 16.00 hrs BST with Sign Up Now.

Total stake 0.7 pt.


Cincinnati Reds 2-10 San Francisco Giants

Seattle Mariners 2-1 Boston Red Sox 

Los Angeles Dodgers 6-4 Colorado Rockies

Total stake 0.7 pt.  Return 0.57 pt.  Loss 0.13 pt.

Current profit and loss standing for TheBaseballTipper 2015  -2.045 pts. 

In The Grip Of The Handicapper!

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