Thursday, 23 April 2015

Playin' the Blues.

Well, playing something sad is in order because I wanted to be able to make a living by giving out my tips for free.  Unfortunately I have failed in that mission.  Giving out profitable advice for free is just not financially viable for me, so I am having to go down the route of charging you for it.  When you see what I'm charging and what you'll get for that charge, I think you'll see that you are actually getting a very good deal.

The first thing that will happen is that the competitions that were open to anyone and everyone will only be available to subscribers and those who have previously qualified to enter via loyalty scheme, i.e. they have entered a competition and been eligible to win a prize.  

There will still be occasional competitions with prizes provided by bookmakers that will be open to all, but these will have the usual, sign-up, bet a certain amount, to be eligible to win a prize, conditions attached. The  Top Four being a prime example.

The methods you can choose to follow are:  

The Dangerous Method Starting bank 40 pts

The Safe Method Starting bank 20 pts

The Proper Footytipping Season Starts Now Method Starting bank 20 pts

 TheBaseballTipper Starting bank 50 pts

For whichever method/s you decide to follow, you must be prepared to lose your entire bankroll.  It does happen.  I cannot guarantee you success.  I would like to think that in the long run, advising you to bet on results that I regard as value will make your betting following  The only way I can be proved right is by proper scrutiny of the long run.  How long is the long run?  How long is a piece of string?

In addition to the above there may be new methods that have completed testing. 

You will also be able to enter the following competitions for the duration of your subscription:

The Weekend Winner which has so far provided prizes of over £340 in cash prizes to the winners. 

The Wisdom Of Crowds Experiment which so far hasn't won a single penny for anyone!  We'll keep trying.

Plus any other competitions subsequently added to the competition portfolio.

A £5 fee per 1 pt (Nominally £50) profit.  You pay in advance via NETELLER - Join NOW .  If your entire bankroll, (You start with a bankroll that is specific to each Method/s)  is lost, you will receive a full refund of any monies paid to  for that specific season.  You will not receive any refund for any losses you make betting on the tips that sends you.

You have to nominate which method/s you are going to follow.  You can follow any number of them.  You must decide.  Your bankroll is calculated accordingly and any profit or loss you make will be calculated with you starting at +/-0.00 when you receive your first e-mailed tips.  So unless you start on the first day of the method concerned you may be winning more or less than the stated amount on the blog.  If you start when a method is in the red you will reach your profit target before those who were already signed up because your profit will be bigger than stated on the blog.  If you start when a method is in the black you will reach your profit target after those who were already signed up because your profit will be smaller than that stated on the blog.  Each individual subscriber has their own profit and loss figure.  Please be aware that  TheBaseballTipper  will follow The Dangerous Method if it hasn't reached its profit target at the conclusion of the World Series.

You will also be able to enter the following competitions for the duration of your subscription:

The Weekend Winner 
The Wisdom Of Crowds Experiment 

Winning either of these may well bring you more money than your subscription might cost you in years of following! 

The Unlimited Bankroll (TUB)

Price on application.  It is an individual advice service tailored to your specific requirements.

Should you wish to sign-up for any of the above methods, you should write to with 'Interested' in the subject line.


A. signs up for TheBaseballTipper 2015 on 15th July 2015 starts from a position of +\-0.00 and pays £5.

The profit and loss for TheBaseballTipper 2015 on 15th July 2015 is -6.31 pts. When that P&L equals -5.31 pts  A. must pay another £5 before getting any more tips.  If the winning tip makes the profit & loss figure -4.00 pts from the previous figure of -6.31pts.  A. then has to pay £10 to get from -4.00 pts to -3.00 pts.  Remembering the fees are £5/ pt of profit, payable in advance.

May All Your Investments Be Wise!

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