Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Going Down to the Start.

Yes folks, Major League Baseball is back and the TheBaseballTipper 2015 will be back on Friday 1st May to make you a profit in the 2015 MLB season. 

Once again the profit target is 5 pts starting with a bank of 50 pts.  The nominal value of a point is £50.  If that is too small you can scale it up.  If it is too big you are advised to scale it down.

Initially you will be advised to have 0.1 pt patents which will be a bet costing £35.  This will increase if we are doing well and may decrease if we are doing badly.

To show you what you will be getting an e-mail was sent out at roughly 20.00 hrs this evening outlining today's (theoretical) bets to all subscribers and this will be posted in this blog together with a profit and loss tomorrow.  So you can look upon the next three days as TheBaseballTipper 2015 's Spring training!

Good Fortune Viewers!

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