Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A Competition Might do it!

We're currently suffering  a relegation threatening dip in form.  Bradford might ease the pressure tonight, but given our current form you can expect an injury time equaliser from Leyton Orient...

Not to worry, we will hit the profit targets even if we have to go into the unchartered waters of the 2016 MLB season to do so.

Fortunately there are other ways of making a profit by following this blog and website.

We are currently running two completely free competitions, both of which could, potentially make you wealthy.

Firstly, there is the Weekend Winner which so far has made one entrant £18.75 for an outlay of £0.00.  We are still awaiting our second winner.  That may take a while because the competition winners seem to be going for the big win and why not, when you've got a free tenner to bet?

There is one condition that may be the reason that the competition hasn't had many entrants so far.  You have to open a new account with a bookmaker via

In order to make that a little easier the has teamed up with a bookmaker who you may not  have already signed up to, the Club sponsors of Watford F.C.   and official betting partner of Newcastle United F.C.  Click on the flashing banner and register with

Just by signing-up you will qualify to enter the Weekend Winner.  You don't have to make a deposit and you don't have to have a bet.

However, if you do sign-up with them and decide to have a bet you should try to take advantage of their 50-50 sign-up offer. The key components are, you bet between £10 and £100 single or combo* bet  and then get 50% of your cash bet as a free bet.

To get this  free bet, you must:

1. Contact Customer service.

2. Have a cash bet of between £10 and £100.

3. Within the next 7 days place your free bet, which will be 50% of your original cash bet. 

*Combo bet I take to mean a double, treble, four fold etc.  I will clarify this, so don't steam in just yet.  You can't place patents, Lucky 15's etc.

There is also a distinct possibility that will be sponsoring the Top 4 competition which has three prizes £50, £30 & £20 in free bets every month.  The betting requirement will probably be £20 per month.  More on that as soon as it is confirmed.

Entering either of the above and qualifying to win a prize also gives you an opportunity to enter the Wisdom of Crowds Experiment which offers up the opportunity to win a chunk of the £250,000 that  UK Sportsbook offer up every Saturday during the football season.  If you already do it it's just an extra way to get your hands on some of that free cash!  You keep your own winnings and also get a shot at some more...and what's more it's free!

Sign-Up & Get Rich...Slowly!

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