Friday, 19 December 2014

The meaning of 'Redacted'

Is: To put into an appropriate form for publication.

In other words, if there was some allegation of corruption against FIFA contained in the independent report into corruption in FIFA that could be substantiated it would be completely inappropriate for FIFA to publish it.  That makes perfect sense to me.

If, however, I was the person who wrote that report, I'd be pretty pissed off and I'd probably resign.

Also, if I had paid a bribe to someone to vote for me to host some kind of major sporting tournament, I'd be pretty upset if there was the chance that I'd have to pay the bribe again to get the tournament that I already paid for and I'd want the person in charge of that organisation to reassure me that there wouldn't be another vote on the matter.

It's nice to know that there are still some organisations where corruption is endemic that refuse to change.  That way at least we all know where we stand.

Nothing gets redacted on here.  The crap tips from last weekend are still up and although they all represented value at the advertised prices, they were, with hindsight, dreadful.  

I must stress, we're still not at the half-way point of the season and we will shortly only need to get lucky once to hit our profit targets.  The bookies have to price every game up right or we'll be in there to take advantage.

Current standings @ 21.00 hrs 19th December 2014.

The Safe Method  -1.231 pt. (This includes 1 pt Man Utd. @ 11-2 & 0.1 pt @ 8-1 to win the Premier League as lost money)

The Dangerous Method +4.078 pts (This includes 2 pts Man Utd. @ 11-2 & 0.1 pt @ 8-1 to win the Premier League as lost money.

You will, I am sure, have gathered that there were no midweek selections and I am ashamed to have to admit to you that I was tempted to recommend Cambridge to beat Tranmere tonight @ 5-2.

I held off publishing this post for long enough not to give in to that temptation.  It's Half-Time at the moment and the score is still 0-0.  It went 1-0 to Tranmere and ended 1-1, so no money wasted on that speculative punt!

On to the tips:

For  The Safe Method you are advised to have 5 x 0.2 pt singles on the following:

Queens Park Rangers to beat West Bromwich Albion @ 29-20 available with 
bet365 , Sign Up Now &   Score 3-2.

Sheffield Utd to beat Walsall @ 21-20 available with  Sign Up Now, Boylesports, Coral Icon 50x28 &   Score 1-1

Bury to beat York City @ 11-10 available with  Sign Up Now, &   Score 2-2.

Cheltenham Town to beat Portsmouth @ 9-5 available with  bet365   Score 1-1.

Ayr United to beat Stirling Albion @ 20-23 with  Sign Up Now & .  Score 2-2.

Total stake for The Safe Method  1.00 pt.  Return 0.49.  Loss 0.51 pt.

For The Dangerous Method you are advised to have the same 0.2 pt singles plus a 0.1 pt patent on the following:

Queens Park Rangers to Beat West Bromwich Albion @ 29-20

Sheffield Utd to beat Walsall @ 21-20

Ayr United to beat Stirling Albion @ 20-23

These prices are the best available and unsurprisingly they are available @  Sign Up Now & 

Total stake for The Dangerous Method 1.7 pts.  Return 0.735.  Loss 0.965 pt.

Lastly, for tonight, I would like to pay my respects to Hereford United, wound up because of an unpaid tax bill.  I'm old enough to remember the win in the F.A. Cup over Newcastle.  Sad to see them go.


'Our greatest glory lies not in
never having fallen, but in
rising when we fall.'

We Shall See!

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