Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Another Method Exits Stage Right.

Current standings 11.00 GMT November 5th 2014: 

The Safe Method  -0.77 pt. (This includes 1 pt Man Utd. @ 11-2 & 0.1 pt @ 8-1 to win the Premier League as lost money)

The Dangerous Method +7.32 pts (This includes 2 pts Man Utd. @ 11-2 & 0.1 pt @ 8-1 to win the Premier League as lost money.)

TUB  +278.96 pts

If you have been following TUB since it first made an appearance, you'll have been losing as much as 100,000.  Very much a VIP type of client for any bookmaker.  Now that you are +£13,948 you will be having great difficulty getting any bets on.  Bookies are not slow in spotting a problem and a punter coming back from -£100,000 to make a profit on his/her betting is a serious problem.  One that has to be addressed.  So we're going to save them the trouble.  This is where TUB takes a bow, thanks you for your kind indulgence and leaves, stage right.

I don't want you having to write to me complaining that you can't get your bets on.  All the profit and loss figures would become completely fictional and Facts are what this blog and are all about.

On this blog and the site there is no bragging about winners and disregarding losers as if they don't exist.  It all goes up here, warts and all.

Good Fortune Viewers!

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