Saturday, 4 October 2014

Value Digested!

Current standings @ 18.00 hrs BST October 4th 2014 for the methods in current use.  They include this afternoon's football.

The Safe Method  -2.28pt. (This includes 1 pt Man Utd. @ 11-2 & 0.1 pt @ 8-1 to win the Premier League as lost money)

The Dangerous Method +1.42 pts (This includes 2 pts Man Utd. @ 11-2 & 0.1 pt @ 8-1 to win the Premier League as lost money.)

TheBaseballTipper 2014  -7.750 pts 

Outstanding bets for TheBaseballTipper 2014:  1pt Washington Nationals @ 11-2 and 1 pt @ 5-1, plus 2 pts Los Angeles Angels @ 11-2, 0.1 pt each LA Angels @ 14-1 &  @ 7-1, Kansas City @ 50-1, Washington @ 15-2, San Francisco @ 18-1, St Louis @ 11-1 and Detriot @ 13-2 to win the World Series.  Plus 0.1 pt Baltimore Orioles to win the American League Pennant @ 13-2.   0.1 pt San Francisco Giants @ 10-1 & Washington Nationals @ 11-5 to win the National League

TUB  -766.54 pts

Apart from St Louis beating the Dodgers, last night was a bit of a disaster.  The Angels are now on the brink with Detroit standing there with them and Washington took a step towards it too.

The Angels are still trying to sell tickets to a series that they probably won't be playing in.  A case of the commercial side of the ball club not actually being part of the team.  This is patently happening to Manchester United in the UK.

Does anyone remember Sir Alex Ferguson's continual gripe about the amount of matches his side had to play?  Every season he'd be moaning about it at some point.

Now Louis Van Gaal is quite happy for his team to play midweek friendlies "...against high level opponents."  After Christmas of course, when some 'high level teams' have been knocked out of the Champions League and are available to play.  

He's currently dealing with injuries to eight first team players.  I wonder if his attitude might change if his team pick up a few more playing meaningless midweek matches.

It strikes me that this is an idea that the commercial arm of the club have come up with, to try to fill the financial hole that United find themselves in because of their failure to qualify for the Champions League.

A case of:

"We can't have those guys sitting around doing nothing!  They should be earning that £100,000 a week that we pay them."

On to today's baseball fixtures.

I find it hard to see past both the teams that won last night.  So I'm going to stop trying to!
For TheBaseballTipper 2014

You are advised to have 2 x 1pt win singles on:

San Francisco Giants to beat Washington Nationals @ 19-10

St Louis Cardinals to beat Los Angeles Dodgers @ 38-25

These prices are available, as of writing @ 18.00 with bet365.

You are also advised to have a 0.5 pt double on San Francisco & St Louis to win.  You should also have this with  bet365.

Total stake for TheBaseballTipper 2014 = 2.5 pts.  Return 2.9 pts.  Profit 0.4 pt

For TUB you should have the same bets for the increased stake of 20 pts for the singles and 10 pts for the double.

Total stake for TUB 50 pts.  Return 58 pts.  Profit 8 pts. 

They Look Like Value!

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