Thursday, 2 October 2014

The First two Games of the American League Division Series.

Current standings @ 10.00 hrs BST October 2nd 2014 for the methods in current use.

The Safe Method  -3.08pt. (This includes 1 pt Man Utd. @ 11-2 & 0.1 pt @ 8-1 to win the Premier League as lost money)

The Dangerous Method + 1.01 pts (This includes 2 pts Man Utd. @ 11-2 & 0.1 pt @ 8-1 to win the Premier League as lost money.)

TheBaseballTipper 2014  -7.745 pts 

Outstanding bets for TheBaseballTipper 2014:  1pt Washington Nationals @ 11-2 and 1 pt @ 5-1, plus 2 pts Los Angeles Angels @ 11-2, 0.1 pt each LA Angels @ 14-1 &  @ 7-1, Kansas City @ 50-1, Washington @ 15-2, San Francisco @ 18-1, St Louis @ 11-1 and Detriot @ 13-2 to win the World Series.  Plus 0.1 pt Baltimore Orioles to win the American League Pennant @ 13-2.   0.1 pt San Francisco Giants @ 10-1 & Washington Nationals @ 11-5 to win the National League

TUB  -870.49 pts

On to the first two games of the American League Division Series.  In the the first game it's Detroit Tigers at Baltimore Orioles. 

Starting with that game, you have to admire the chutzpah of the Tigers.  They are setting their stall out early putting Max Scherzer on the mound this afternoon/evening.  It makes sense.  They are betting everything on going 1-0 up in the series plus they have the option to bring him back for the last game of the series should it be 2-2 with one to play.

Baltimore seem to be playing the long game. It looks as if Chris Tillman has been thrown-in at the deep end and will either sink or swim tonight.  I think that is going to be a mistake, so you are advised to have a 1.1pt win single @ 10-11 on Detroit to win Game 1 of their ALDS against Baltimore.  This price is available with  

In the second game the Angels are stand out favourites and the odds reflect that.  However there is one thing that really bugs me about them and you may find this hard to believe, it's hubris, they've got it in spades.  If you don't believe me go to the Angels Home Page.  They are already selling home game tickets for the American League Championship Series before they've played a game against Kansas!  If I was the Kansas City Royals team manager, I'd print that page off and pin it to every locker in the away team dressing room.

On the grounds that pride comes before a fall and a fired up 'small' team will always beat a complacent 'big team' I am going to advise you to have a 0.5 pt single on Kansas City Royals to beat Los Angeles Angels @ 159-100 with bet365. 

You are also advised to have a 0.4 pt Double on Detroit to beat Baltimore  and Kansas City to beat Los Angeles Angels @ 3.9-1 with bet365.

Total stake for  TheBaseballTipper 2014 = 2 pts.  Return 1.295 pts.  Loss 0.705 pt

For TUB you are advised to have an 11 pt single on Detroit.  A 5 pt single on Kansas City and a 4 pt Double on the Tigers and the Royals.

Total stake for TUB 20 pts.  Return 12.95.  Loss 7.05 pts

No Good Deeds On Here Today!

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