Monday, 14 July 2014

Baseball, Baseball, Baseball.

Current standings @ 09.00 hrs BST 14th July 2014 for the methods in current use.  

 TheBaseballTipper 2014  -10.57 pts 

Outstanding bets for TheBaseballTipper 2014  (0.1 pt each LA Angels @ 14-1, Atlanta @ 16-1Milwaukee @ 20-1 and Detriot @ 13-2 to win the World Series).

TUB  -1,299.57 pts 

That's it from thetipper until August, unless research demands the placing of any more ante-post bets on the football.  It's time to hand you over to  TheBaseballTipper 


The next scheduled games for the Major Leagues are on Friday, so there will be no baseball tips on this blog until then.

There will be other stuff, which I hope will prove useful to both you, the reader of this blog, and me the writer.  After all, losing 10.57 points at just over the mid-point of the baseball season is a performance on a par with the Texas Rangers in the American League West @ 0.400. Our PCT is 0.383 not very good.

To give you some idea of how poor a performance this is, last year at the same point we were -5.362 pts.  This time last year Texas were 0.574.  There seems to be some kind of synchronism going on between TheBaseballTipper and the Rangers.  In future seasons we'll be rooting for a Texas World Series win!

The good news is that TheBaseballTipper eventually showed a profit, by sticking with and mirroring The Dangerous Method.  If we're not showing a profit by the end of the World Series, you'll be expected to do the same again if you want to hit your 5 pts profit target.

We are going to start having a 0.1pt accumulator every day, which, if it wins will see us hit the 5 pts profit target before the end of the season.  The chances of it coming in will be small, but the rewards will be worth the risk.

As regards the secret that thetipper let you in on the other day, so far this season we have advised some kind of bet on the baseball every day and there is no statistically significant difference in the strike rate between the different bookmakers.  In black and white it looks like this:

bet365 Have been best priced 40 times, with 30 losses and 10 wins.

The Rest have been best priced 40 times with 29 losses and 11 wins.

So basically he's talking garbage.  Plus there are 3 days on which he didn't give you the name of the bookie who was offering the best odds.  A degree of incompetence only matched by my pre-All Star picking.  Things need to improve.

The only outlier is with 2 wins from 4 instances of offering the best odds. However the sample is too small to be a reliable marker of a worthwhile investment opportunity. 

Good Fortune Viewers! 

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