Sunday, 6 July 2014

Ante Post: Football Season 2014-15.

This post will be updated as and when new bets for the upcoming Football seasons in Great Britain are advised.  They are being placed with trading in mind so in order to make best use of these tips you are advised to open accounts with  &  in addition to the firms I advise you to place the bets with.

First up won't be a big surprise, apart that is, from the price, which is way too big.  4-1 looks like a more sensible price.  It seems to me that the bookies are acting like a flock of sheep being chased by a dog.

Manchester United's new manager has shown creative tactical nous to get the job done in Brazil and with the dead wood being shipped out at Old Trafford I can't see United finishing out of the top 2.  When they go evens or shorter we'll be trading by laying off the bet.

For The Safe Method  you are advised to have 1 pt  on Manchester United @ 11-2 to win the English Premier League in season 2014-15.  This price is available with 
bet365 , , Sign Up Now,, Paddy Power, UK Sportsbook &
For The Dangerous Method you are advised to have 2 pts on Manchester United @ 11-2 to win the English Premier League in season 2014-15.
bet365 , , Sign Up Now,, Paddy Power, UK Sportsbook &

If you're new to this site my advice would be to take a look at the Methods page first and decide whether you want to follow The Safe Method or The Dangerous Method then open an account with  NETELLER - Join NOW  deposit your starting bank and have your first bet with  Sportsbook.  They are offering the 11-2 with no 5% commission.  Initially you should stay away from the exchange because the 11-2 will have to be 6-1 i.e 7 on the exchange for the price to be better than the 11-2 on offer at the sports book.  By doing this you'll keep all your liabilities in one place which will give you instant access to your funds whilst trading.

Good Fortune Early Birds!

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