Tuesday, 10 June 2014

World Cup Offers 4.

The kick off is just a couple of days away and the offers are coming in thick and fast.  The best so far is listed today and the beauty of it is it's free!

For your shot at a free £100,000 sign up to  UK Sportsbook by clicking on the logo.  Once you've signed up, you'll have to give your card details, but you won't actually have to make a deposit.  Next, click on the Super 6 link on the left hand menu labelled 'World Cup 2014'.  You'll have to enter your predictions of the six matches listed before 17.00 hrs BST on Saturday 14th June 2014, the kick-off time of the Columbia vs Greece game.

Now, to give you even more reason to sign-up to UK Sportsbook via this site, here at thetipper.co.uk we run a competition called the Wisdom of Crowds Experiment.  Once you have filled in your entry you can have an extra shot at winning a share of that £100,000 by sending a copy of your entry to wisdomofcrowds@thetipper.co.uk   When you do this your entry is included in a communal entry that is an average of all those sent in.  Most importantly, if you enter the Wisdom Of Crowds Experiment just once and then forget about it and don't ever enter it again you will still win a prize if the Wisdom Of Crowds Experiment wins!  It may be small but it will be a prize nevertheless   In order to be paid you'll have to open a 
NETELLER account so that you can be paid your winnings.  There is another good reason for opening an account with them, it camouflages your gambling from the banks.  Banks don't like their customers depositing and withdrawing to gambling websites.  They don't care whether you win or lose, they just put a black mark by your name for enjoying yourself.  Having a NETELLER account will give you somewhere to keep your gambling money, away from your bank's prying eyes! 

For full details of the Wisdom Of Crowds Experiment competition go to: Wisdom of Crowds

On to tonight's baseball.

Firstly, the situation after last night's loss:

TheBaseballTipper 2014  -2.48 pts
(This includes 0.1 pt bets on Milwaukee @ 20-1 and Detriot @ 13-2 to win the World Series and the Winner Brazillion.)

TUB   -707.31* pts 

WORLD CUP 2014  -1.06 pt (Includes the Winner Brazillion,

0.4 pt @ 56-1 England to win the World Cup. Boylesports

0.5 pt @ 13-2 Spain to win the World Cup.  Refunded as a free bet if Argentina or Brazil win the trophy. Coral Icon 50x28).  

*  Follow this link to see all of TUB's outstanding advised wagers.  You will have to register to do so.  If you do register you will get the occasional e-mail and possibly a monthly newsletter too, if I can work up the enthusiasm!

You are advised for TheBaseballTipper 2014 to have a 0.5 pt double on:

Toronto Blue Jays to beat Minnesota Twins @ 100-169.  Score 0-4.
St Louis Cardinals to beat Tampa Bay Rays @ 50-67.  Score 1-0.

These prices are available with bet365.  The cumulative odds for the double are 1.77-1, not great, but we won't say no if they come in.

Total stake for TheBaseballTipper 2014  0.5 pt.  Return 0.00.  Loss 0.5 pt.

The Wise Seek The Truth!

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