Friday, 20 June 2014

England Out Unless a Statistical Miracle Occurs.

Current standings @11.00 hrs BST 21st June 2014.

 TheBaseballTipper 2014  -6.42 pts
(This includes 0.1 pt bets on Milwaukee @ 20-1 and Detriot @ 13-2 to win the World Series and the Winner Brazillion).

TUB  -1, 370.24* pts 

WORLD CUP 2014  +3.365 pts (Includes as 'lost money' the bets listed below, plus some others which I will root out for you when this busy week is over.  Neymar and Fred are in there somewhere!

0.5 pt @ 13-2 Spain (Oops!) to win the World Cup.  Refunded as a free bet if Argentina or Brazil win the trophy Coral Icon 50x28).

Michael Vaughan's Royal Ascot Advice Service  -2.057 pts

*  Follow this link to see most of TUB's outstanding advised wagers.  You will have to register to do so.  If you do register you will get the occasional e-mail and possibly a monthly newsletter too, if I can work up the enthusiasm!

On to today's tips.

You are advised for TheBaseballTipper 2014 to have a 0.5 pt double on:

Los Angeles Angels to beat Texas Rangers @ 5-9.  Score 7-3
Kansas City Royals to beat Seattle Mariners @ 4-5.  Score 5-7

Cumulative odds of 1.81-1 for this double are available with Coral Icon 50x28.

Total stake for TheBaseballTipper 2014 0.5 pt.  Return 0.00 pt.  Loss 0.5 pt.

A disastrous night for English football last night  was mitigated by giving us
0.5 pt free bet.  Now this is going to be used straight away to back Costa Rica to beat England at the quite unbelievable price of 9-2.  I'll repeat that because the price is absolutely mental.

You are advised to have the 0.5 pt Free Bet you won from   for England's pathetic loss to Uruguay, to back Costa Rica to beat England @ 9-2, a team that had previously beaten Uruguay 2-0, who will probably need to win their game against England to qualify for the knockout stages.  Win or lose this has to be the stand out value bet of the World Cup so far!

Today's games look pretty straightforward, they'll all be draws.

You are advised to have a 0.1 pt patent on the following games to be draws:

Italy  vs  Costa Rica @ 33-10.  Score 0-1.

Switzerland vs France @ 11-4  Score 2-5.

Honduras vs Equador @ 3-1   Score 1-2.

The above prices can be obtained as of writing 11.30 BST with, Sign Up Now.

Total stake for WORLD CUP 2014 0.7 pt + Free bet placed.  Return 0.00.  Loss 0.7 pt.

For TUB you are advised to have the same patent for 10 pts.

Total stake for TUB 70 pts + Free bet placed. Return 0.00.  Loss 70 pts.


Michael Vaughan's Royal Ascot Advice Service. 
Once again we are going to try to take advantage of bet365 's Channel 4 offer whereby, if we can find a winner @ 4-1 or longer we get a free bet to the same stake on the next Channel 4 race.  As they also offer a price promise, if you take a price and SP is bigger they give you the biggest price, you are advised to take a price on all the selections unless the odds offered are shorter than 4-1.   The following prices available @ 11.40 BST.

14.30  0.25 pt win  Patience Alexander @ 9-2.  3rd 9-2 jf

15.05  0.25 pt win  Dick Doughtywilie  @ 9-1.  Unp 12-1

15.45  0.25 pt win Miner's Lamp @ 8-1.  Unp 7-1 & Dylan Mouth @ 12-1.  Unp 9-1

16.25  0.25 pt win  Lightning Thunder @ 4-1.  Unp 5-2 f.

17.00  0.25 pt win  Hartnell @ 4-1.  1st 7-2.

17.35 0.25 pt win  Bronze Angel @ 16-1.  4th 10-1.

The above staking plan is for Michael Vaughan's Royal Ascot Advice Service.  
Total stake 1.75 pts.  Return 1.25 pts.  Loss 0.5 pt

For TUB you are advised to have 25 pts on each selection.
Total stake on the horses for TUB 175 pts.   Return 125 pts.  Loss 50 pts.

I Feel Let Down By England!


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