Tuesday, 6 May 2014

You Should Have a Free Bet to Place...

Courtesy of UK Sportsbook  you are advised to have your 0.1 pt 'FREE' bet (That's the one you bet £30 last week to get) on the Milwaukee Brewers @ 20-1 to win the World Series. This list of outstanding free bets is going to get pretty long as the Spring turns into Summer then Fall, so they are going to be posted on here and then listed on an 'Outstanding Free Bets' page on the web site.

The £30 free bet that you will have been given, if you opened a new account, will not be included in the profit and loss accounts because there will be those of you following this blog who already had accounts with UK Sportsbook and are now ineligible for that particular freebie.  So, spend it wisely my friends and if you want some advice on how to spend it drop me a line to post@thetipper.co.uk

The 0.1 pt UK Sportsbook free bets that you will be getting every Monday will be included in the profit and loss account for TheBaseballTipper 201& TUB, so if you want to use them for something else then you are probably best off not attempting to make 5 pts profit on the MLB 2014 season with thetipper.co.uk.  We have to use all the punting weapons at our disposal to do that. A weapon we used last year, the press, will hopefully be brought back into action again this year. However we will only be pressing when we are doing it with the bookies money. With the start we have made this season, it looks like we won't be doing any pressing for a while yet!

Current standings at 10.00 hrs BST on Tuesday 6th May 2014

TheBaseballTipper 2014  - 2.24 pts

TUB   -1,327.25 pts ( Includes 200 pts on Wigan to be promoted @ 5-2 as 'lost' money).

You are advised today to have a 0.1 pt patent on the following teams:

Milwaukee Brewers to beat Arizona Diamondbacks @ 68-100.  Score 5-7.

Colorado Rockies to beat Texas Rangers @ 5-6.  Score 12-1.

Oakland Athletics to beat Seattle Mariners @ 62-100.  Score 3-8.

Total stake for TheBaseballTipper 2014  0.7 pt.  Return 0.18.  Loss 0.52 pt

For TUB The same teams in a 10 pt patent.

Baseball stake for TUB 70 pts.  Return 18.33.  Loss 51.67 pts

These prices are available, as of writing, 10.30 BST with:

I'm giving you some advanced warning of some changes that are going to take place over the next few weeks regarding competitions.  To be honest with you they are taking up too much of my time for too little reward.  The Wisdom Of Crowds Experiment will probably continue for as long as UK Sportsbook keep running the Super 6, but next week will be the last week for the: Coral Icon 50x28 Football Jackpot until next season at the earliest.

Bursting The Bubble will no longer involve  Paddy Power & will only continue to run on until my present bankroll has been frittered away.  The reason for this is that everyone and their uncle seems to have an account with  and as a consequence I feel I'm wasting my time on a Sunday evening playing in a tournament that requires 10 x more than the usual amount of good fortune just to cash, let alone win.  It has been fun playing in the Sunday Storm and Bursting The Bubble may just morph into providing satellite entries into bigger tournaments, with bigger starting stacks and slower clocks, such as the Sunday Million, or maybe even live events.  Keep an eye on the Bursting The Bubble page for details of what's going on.

There will be other new competitions running on thetipper.co.uk as soon as the appetite from readers and the finances from me, are there.  If you've thought of an idea for a competition and wish that someone would run it, just drop me a line or two @ post@thetipper.co.uk outlining what it is and I'll see what I can do.  You'll get full credit for it.  You never know it might make you rich, unlike what's next up. Yes, for those of you trying to turn a large fortune into a small fortune without the hassle of owning a football club, here's TUB!

Football bets for TUB only.

You are advised to have 110 pts on Ross County to beat Hibernian @ 17-10.

You are also advised to have 95 pts on Ross County to draw with Hibernian @ 12-5.

Score 1-0  

Football stake for TUB 205 pts.  Return 297 pts.  Profit 92 pts.

Overall profit on the day for TUB 40.33 pts.

These prices are available from:  

Total stake for TUB (including baseball) 275 pts.

That's Better!

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