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I have been approached on many occasions by online casinos asking me to promote their services and I have always declined.  I just feel uneasy about promoting something I don't fully understand.

I have no problem with playing in a real, bricks and mortar Casino.  You can see what the staff are up to and what you see is what you get.  I worked in casinos for many years and can honestly say that the house always played a straight game when I worked there. Many of them will offer you incentives to have a bet on a game you may not normally play, just to get you playing...

An example of this for me was a visit I paid to the Empire Casino in London's Leicester Square. I went to the reception desk with the loyalty card I had been sent in the post and was given a free £10 bet on Punto Banco, a game that I wouldn't ordinarily play.  Of course, being right next door to London's Chinatown meant that there was no room at the table for me to place my bet, but that didn't matter, room was made for me and I followed all the punters, who were, to a man & woman all betting on the Player.  I won't go into details, suffice to say the Player won, everyone cheered loudly and I was paid £10 in real money and they took my free bet away. This was a genuine free bet.  I placed it, won and was paid.  I could have then taken that £10 in chips to the cashier and been given £10 in cash.

Compare this experience with the one I had last night. 

I planned to have £34 worth of bets on the Tote Scoop 6 today.  I had £10 in my Totepool account but my bank had sent me a new card, so I couldn't change the card details and deposit the extra £24 until the balance on my account was £5 or less.  A perfectly reasonable security measure on their part.

I thought to myself, 'How can I spend £5 in a way that would bring me a win of £24 or a simple loss of £5...?'  It was too late to back Wigan to beat QPR 3-0 and the baseball had already started.

'I know I'll go to the casino and play blackjack.'

I arrived at the blackjack table with my £5 and a pop-up box asked me if would like £5 worth of free bets?

Doh, stupid question, of course I'd like £5 worth of free bets!  I clicked 'yes'.

At this point I'd like to ask you a very important question.  In essence was that experience any different to the one I had in the Empire casino?

I'm now going to copy you in here on the e-mail, (as yet unanswered @ 12.52 pm on Saturday) that I sent to Totepool last night:

Hello There,

I just played £5 on blackjack in your casino and was fortunate enough to win and end up with a balance of £34 pounds.

I then tried to transfer £29 of this money back into my Sportsbook account fully aware that my £5 had been matched with a free £5 which I was now quite happy to leave behind.

The cashier wouldn't let me transfer any of the money I had won and would only allow me to transfer the £5 I had initially deposited and risked.

This I did, fully expecting to see a balance in my sportsbook account of £10 and a casino balance of £29.  Incredibly enough, although I had a Sportsbook account balance of £10 my casino balance was now Zero!

Why is this?

I then transferred the £5 back into the casino account and the balance was still £5.  Where has the £29 gone?

I am now going to transfer the £5 back to my sportsbook account.

I did (this)and there's still no sign of the £29 that I won.

I have to say that I feel cheated.  I'll tell you why.  If I had lost that £5 I would have simply swallowed the loss and gone about my business.

Having lost £5 I would have been able to change the card I use to deposit money to Totepool, because my balance would have been £5.  I wanted to do this because my card number has been changed by my bank and I wanted to play the Scoop 6 tomorrow for £34 pounds.  Winning £29 in the casino (I thought) enabled me to play the Scoop 6 without having to deposit any money.  I would have been able to change the number when the inevitable happened and my Scoop 6 selections lost. 

At no point did I ever bet any of the £5 free money.  It was all money I won.  £5 bet won, £10 bet won, £10 bet won £5 stand off £5 bet won, £1 bet lost.

Can you please help me out?


Andy Walsh

Probably one reason why I haven't had a reply is because I rang their customer services first thing this morning.

I was informed that I had to play through the 'free' £5 forty times before I would be allowed to withdraw it.  So, I was expected to bet £200 before any winnings would, in reality, exist.  If you actually trust them this gives their percentage so much time to work that it would be almost impossible for me to win.  

I object this whole charade for a number of reasons.

1.  Pop-up comes on screen offering me a 'Free £5' to play with, but no terms and conditions pop-up when I click 'yes'.  

2.  I bet my £5, (you can bet your bottom dollar that my cash is wagered before any 'free' money) and win and yet I am not allowed to take my winnings, but they are allowed to take my loss.

3. I try to transfer my winnings to the Sportsbook and all the money I have won plus the 'free' bet still in the casino account disappear.  Does this actually amount to theft?

4.  When I called Customer Services this morning after a long heated discussion the Customer Services representative offers to return the missing £29.  That was kind of him, needless to say I did not accept the offer.

So, in conclusion I want to warn you not to play in the Totepool Casino.  If you do, do not accept any offers without first reading the terms and conditions of the offer.  You may find that quite difficult.

I would also like to inform you that the company that provides the Totepool casino software is a company called Playtech, so it's probably worth avoiding any site that uses that software too.

On to no less important stuff.

Firstly for TheBaseballTipper 2014 & TUB you are advised to have a 0.04 pt on the Scoop 6 as outlined below.

My selections for the Tote Scoop 6 are as follows.  You can place your bets via  William Hill

Horse No. Leg 1. Horse No.6  Leg 2.Horse No. 1 Leg 3. Horse No. 6 Leg 4. Horse 2  Leg 5. Horse No. 7  Leg 6. Horse No. 16

I'm happy to share it if we win just so that we have a better chance of grabbing a slice of the win bonus fund next week!

On to baseball.

For TheBaseballTipper 2014 you are advised to have a 0.1pt patent on the following results:

Baltimore Orioles to beat Houston Astros @ 20-33  Score 5-4

Atlanta Braves to beat Chicago Cubs @ 5-7.  Score 2-0

Milwaukee Brewers to beat New York Yankees @ 5-7.  Score 5-4

Total stake 0.74 pt.  Return 1.82.  Profit 1.08 pts

Prices are available, as of writing, with Coral Icon 50x28.

For TUB you are advised to have the same teams in the same bet for 10 pts.

Total stake  for TUB 70.04 pts.  Return 182 pts.  Profit 111.96

When Gambling, Beware!

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