Saturday, 10 May 2014


I finally received an e-mail from BetFred on Saturday evening.  Although according to the log it was sent on Friday night around the time I sent my e-mail to Totepool, who are now owned by BetFred. It looks a bit like a standard e-mail sent out to deal with a regular complaint.  The paragraph highlighted in orange rather gives the game away...

Dear Andy

Thank you for your email.

I can confirm that when accepting a bonus in the Casino this will have wagering requirements attached to it like any other Casino. We have a very competitive wagering requirement of 40x meaning that if you accept a £10.00 bonus you would need to wager £400.00 before this becomes with-drawable. Any withdrawals made prior to wagering being complete will void the bonus and any winnings associated with this.

If you wish to make a deposit into the Casino section we can offer you a bonus and you can then play this through.

Thank you for contacting Totepool Customer Services

Kind Regards

Grant Morrison,
Retail Customer Services Advisor

There it is in black and yellow.  I have to dispute the phrase 'competitive wagering requirement' There is nothing at all competitive about forcing a player to bet through his/her starting bankroll 40 times before being able to count the money that's left as theirs unless that's what everybody else does. If that is so then there's a niche online for a company that plays with a straight bat.

In black and orange is the give-away that this is a standard e-mail and not actually a real, concerned, person attempting to deal with my problem.  He certainly hasn't read my e-mail.

At this point it's time to drop in a few words from an acknowledged authority on this sort of thing  He has a blacklist and I feel that Totepool/BetFred casino's behaviour might warrant inclusion on this list due to the following qualification:

  • Non-payment of legitimate gambling winnings.
    Granted the word "legitimate" is rather vague. I would prefer to say "any" gambling winnings, but many online casinos have a policy to not honor winnings in the case of extremely aggressive bonus abuse. While I strongly feel that casinos should honor their own rules, I want this list to consist of casinos that are significantly worse than the industry norm. Seizing deposits, or prior gambling winnings to the current withdrawal, are not acceptable, and justify blacklisting.
Highlighted in yellow.  I deposited £5, if I was trying to rip them off I'd have been depositing the maximum which I'm pretty sure was £100 and not the £400 that BetFred offers.

Highlighted in blue.  Where did my £29 in winnings go?

I am putting a selection of BetFred's T&C's up because  the e-mail I received regarding my problem was from BetFred.  I must stress these are BetFred's T&C's not Totepool's.

Yes, they are very difficult to read so I'm simply going to give you the address so you can read them for yourself.  

I would urge you not to sign-up with them if you value your money.

Going through these number 1. rings the first alarm bell.  Didn't have to wait long for that!

1. A deposit or transfer of a minimum of £15 (or currency equivalent) into BetFred casino is required in order to qualify for the Casino Welcome Bonus.

Well that would disqualify me from receiving any kind of bonus in the first place, as I only transferred £5.

Number 4 is a belter.

4.Upon making your first deposit in the casino client you will be asked, via a pop-up message, to "Agree/Accept” or "Disagree/Decline" to the First Deposit Bonus. If you agree to the First Deposit Bonus you are accepting these terms and conditions.

No pop-up appears to tell you what those T & C's are though, before you click on accept or decline.

Number 10. is their get out clause.

10. Kindly note, that players have to place bets at the casino equal to 20 times the deposit/transfer plus bonus amount, before cashing out any winnings.

Where in number 10 does it say that if you cash out before the wagering requirement that they will steal your winnings should you have the audacity to win?  It doesn't because that's in number... 

12Withdrawing/transferring any funds out of your casino account before completing all of the required wagering will result in your bonus funds and winnings being voided.

Well, there it is folks in blue and white on the website.  You are not allowed to win and if you do they'll take your winnings away from you.  Not the kind of establishment I would want to frequent. A bit like one of those seedy cocktail joints in Soho, where a pretty girl outside, lures you in with the promise of a good time only to empty your wallet and kick you back out on the street after you've drunk enough 'Champagne' to float a battleship...but hang on, you're still stone cold sober? 

Not that I've ever been in one, oh no, this information is all second hand.

It seems that just like the poor fool who entered the cocktail bar, I'm just going to have to put this episode down to experience.  

A word or two of friendly advice...

Don't Sign Up To The Casino's At Betfred or Totepool!

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