Friday, 16 May 2014

The FA are at it Again!

From the Daily Mirror online,  todayanother example of how out of touch the FA are with regard to football outside the Premier League in England.

The FA's general secretary Alex Horne explained why the FA Cup had been moved to become the final fixture of the season.
He said: “We’re well aware that fans and media have been calling for The FA Cup Final to have a day to itself and we’re delighted that this is going to happen for 2014.
“It’s the first time we’ve managed to get the FA Cup Final a stand-alone date since Chelsea v Portsmouth in 2010 but there have been various reasons for that, not least the two UEFA Champions League finals at Wembley Stadium which have been fantastic occasions and required huge resources and a massive build up time behind the scenes.”

He sure knows how to upset all those people connected with Southend United and Burton Albion.  Apparently, you don't exist.

Hardly surprising that my ideas from yesterday should fall on deaf ears.

thetipper isn't going to ignore the existence of Southend and Burton.

Before kick-off tomorrow @ 12.00 hrs you are advised to have the following bets for TUB only:

185 pts on Southend to beat Burton @  11-10.

You can currently get this price from one of the following:

Sign Up Now Coral Icon 50x28 Paddy Power UK Sportsbook

You are also advised to have 115 pts on Southend and Burton to draw @ 12-5, which you can also currently get from:

bet365 & Sign Up Now.

Score 2-2.

Total stake on football for TUB 300 pts.  Return 391 pts.  Profit 91 pts.

Current standings at 10.00 hrs BST on Friday 16th May 2014

TheBaseballTipper 2014  -0.89 pts

TUB   -1,173.18 pts (Includes 150pts on QPR to be promoted @ 5-2 as 'lost' money).

For TheBaseballTipper 2014 on tonight's baseball you are advised to have a 0.1 pt patent on the following teams:

Milwaukee Brewers to beat Chicago Cubs @ 25-27.  Score  4-3

Detroit Tigers to beat Boston Red Sox @ 50-53.  Score 1-0

San Francisco Giants to beat Miami Marlins @ 10-13.  Score 5-7.

These prices are available with:

You are also advised to have a 0.1pt bet on the Detroit Tigers to win the World Series @ 13-2.

This price you can get from:  Paddy Power

Total stake 0.8 pt.  Return 0.75.  Loss 0.05 pt

For TUB you are advised to have the same patent on the same games for the elevated stake of 10 pts, plus a 10pt bet on Detroit to win the World Series @ 13-2

Total stake on baseball for TUB 80 pts.  Return 76.12 pts.  Loss 3.88 pts

We're Within Three Consecutive Winning Games Of A Press!

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