Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sunday Stuff.

Current standings:

TheBaseballTipper   - 1.17 pts

TUB   -1,220.45 pts ( Includes 200 pts on Wigan to be promoted @ 5-2 as 'lost' money).

So far, not so good, but it's early days.  

For TheBaseballTipper on today's baseball you are advised to have a 0.1 pt patent on the three games being played by the teams in the American League West:

Oakland Athletics to beat Boston Red Sox @ 100-107.  Score 3-2

Houston Astros to beat Seattle Mariners @ 100-111.  Score 7-8

Los Angeles Angels to beat Texas Rangers @ 103-100.  Score 3-14

Total stake 0.7 pt.  Return 0.19 pt.  Loss 0.51 pt

The above prices can be extracted, at the time of writing from:
For TUB you are advised to have a 10pt patent on the same teams to win.

Total stake for TUB 70 pts.  Return 19.35 pts.  Loss 50.65 pts.

Being Sunday there is the small matter of the
Sunday Storm Tournament to be won and even if we can't win it, one lucky reader of this blog will get their entry fee refunded via Bursting The Bubble.  It could be by having your aces cracked by 85 suited or even shoving your chips in when you think you're winning, but actually have no outs whatsoever.  However the nastiness occurs an $11.00 refund over and above the sign-up bonus is always welcome.The competition starts at 18.30 BST and late registration is allowed for two hours, so there's plenty of time to get in.  Don't forget to click on the link to read the rules.

May Lady Luck Shine On Us Tonight!

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