Saturday, 24 May 2014

Now Six. But let's not dwell on that!

I have known horse racing tipsters who have managed to find over 20 consecutive losing selections, so we've a long way to go to beat that, but nevertheless it's still looking grim.  In fact it actually looks like this:

Current standings at 08.00 hrs BST on Saturday 24th May 2014.

TheBaseballTipper 2014  -5.53 pts
(This includes 0.1 pt bets on Milwaukee @ 20-1 and Detriot @ 13-2 to win the World Series and the Winner Brazillion.)

TUB   -1,539.05 pts (Includes 150 pts on QPR to be promoted @ 5-2 as 'lost' money and 
0.1 pt on Milwaukee @ 20-1 & 10 pts on Detroit @ 13-2 to win the World Series and the Winner Brazillion).

WORLD CUP 2014  -0.06 pt (Includes the Winner Brazillion).

Tonight's baseball bet for TheBaseballTipper 201is as follows:

You are advised to have a 0.5 pt double on:

Detroit Tigers to beat Texas Rangers @ 11-20.  Score 2-12
San Francisco Giants to beat Minnesota Twins @ 13-20.  Score 2-1

Stake 0.54.  Return 0.00.  Loss 0.54 pt.

The prices for this double are currently available with:  

For TUB you are advised to have the same double for 50 pts.

Next up is the Scoop 6, which at the time of writing is worth £10.5 million to a single winner.

For both the above methods, TUB &  TheBaseballTipper 2014 you are advised to have a 0.04 pt bet, i.e. 1 line on the Scoop 6 on the following six horses:

Stake for TUB 50.04.  Return 525.00 (QPR to be promoted). Profit 474.96 pts.

Race 1.  Number    9
Race 2.  Number    3 
Race 3.  Number  10
Race 4.  Number  10
Race 5.  Number    7
Race 6.  Number    4

If you do and they win we'll be sharing it!

On to poker.  

The Bursting The Bubble tournament has changed, it is now taking place today in a $11 satellite to the Sunday Million @ 19.30 BST.  It's going to be harder to cash in, i.e. win a ticket, as only one in every 21.5 entrants will win a prize, but it is still a piece of cake to get your money back.  Last week even Henry IX couldn't be bothered to enter and as Duveen cashed, finishing stone last would have returned your buy-in!  So, sign-up to by clicking on the banner and let's see if one of us can't take down the Sunday Million!

To get to the tournament go to the main lobby and click on Tourney on the top row of tabs, then Satellite on the middle row of tabs, then All in the third row of tabs.  Type Sunday Million into the box with the spyglass next to it, directly under the All tab.  The tournament is @ 19.30 BST.  You may have to adjust your clock settings to find it.  It's dated for today in this colour with 50 seats guaranteed!

By This Time Tomorrow Rodney We Could All Be Millionaires!

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