Sunday, 25 May 2014

Climbing to Seven.

I'm going to add a few words to my earlier post regarding Greg Dyke's proposals for setting up Premier League B teams in a division somewhere in the Football League.  His argument is that it will give the academy players of the Premier league a chance to play meaningful competitive football and therefore the England team will eventually benefit.

That whole issue was dealt with in a previous post A couple of things have happened since that post that illustrate that changes might need to be made, but perhaps not in the way that Greg Dyke is pushing for.

Firstly, to illustrate that not all is wrong with the English game it should be shouted from the rooftops that we are actually current Under-17 European Champions. It's only the second time we've ever won the tournament and the most successful side at under-17 level are the current World Cup holders, Spain, who have won it 8 times.  So don't let anyone say that it is meaningless.  What's more we won it on penalties! Have we ever done that before?

Secondly,  by creating the Premier League, the FA have presided over a period of huge revenue growth that has failed to benefit the wider game.  I maintain that in a previous post  there is the blueprint for the Premier League to develop it's younger players and benefit the foundations on which it stands as opposed to Greg Dyke's proposal which seeks to knock out a wall and replace it with a piece of 4" x 2", plasterboard and a lick of paint.  "That's a supporting wall Mr. Dyke!"

In the fourth tier of English football you will still get a crowd of over 3,000 turning out for a match where both teams could have ended up in the fifth tier.  There's life in the current system yet, it just needs a little help.

Current standings at 11.00 hrs BST on Sunday 25th May 2014.

TheBaseballTipper 2014  -6.07 pts
(This includes 0.1 pt bets on Milwaukee @ 20-1 and Detriot @ 13-2 to win the World Series and the Winner Brazillion.)

TUB   -1,064.09 pts (Includes 0.1 pt on Milwaukee @ 20-1 & 10 pts on Detroit @ 13-2 to win the World Series and the Winner Brazillion).

WORLD CUP 2014  -0.06 pt (Includes the Winner Brazillion).

For TheBaseballTipper 2014 you are advised to have a 0.5 pt double on:

Toronto Blue Jays to beat Oakland Athletics @  11-10.  Score 3-1.
San Francisco Giants to beat Minnesota Twins @ 20-33.  Score 8-1.

Total stake 0.5 pt.  Return 1.69 pts.  Profit 1.19 pts

The double with these odds pays 2.38-1 and you can get the prices from: Football Jackpot Gif 468x60
 For TUB you are advised to have the same bet for 50 pts.

Total stake for TUB 50 pts.  Return 169 Pts.  Profit 119 pts.

A Triple A Selection!

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