Monday, 21 April 2014

From the Bottom to the Top.

That was a ghastly injury time goal.  At some point I am going to do an analysis of the injury time goals that the tipper has had to endure going in against us this season.  It won't make pleasant reading.

You'd have to think that they'd even themselves out over the course of a season.  If not over a season, then over the course of a couple of seasons.  Still, there's no point in moaning, if I were to put a couple of quid on the side I don't want to score a goal, to score a goal in added time, we would probably have had this farrago of nonsense wrapped up by Christmas.

It's getting so late in the season that we now have to start getting serious with our bets.  Just so that you are aware of what, why and how much we're betting, I'm going to give you an insight into my thoughts which might make it easier for you to judge whether I'm talking rubbish or making some kind of sense.  Don't expect me to do this every week, unless you're willing to pay for it, because this is a free tipping service and you don't do detail for free unless you are bonkers.

These tips are for tomorrow, the 22nd April 2014.

For The Dangerous Method, TheBaseballTipper & The Proper Footytipping Season Starts Now Method you are advised to have the following bets:

4 pts Leicester City to beat Bolton @ 13-10 ( Now 5-4) This price is available with:
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If Leicester win this game they are Champions. Most teams would like to do this at home, but the chances are, they will already be Champions by default when they get to play their last game of the season at the Walkers Stadium.  Tomorrow there will be plenty of away support, anticipating a champions style performance against Bolton, the Championship's home draw specialists. That old bogey rears it's ugly head. This would probably have been the season ending, "Back Leicester and the draw special" had Yeovil managed to hang on for another couple of minutes today. They didn't, so this is the game we're relying on to get us back to level.
This is a large bet because all the pieces of the jigsaw fit.

Score Bolton 0-1 Leicester

The team that's hopefully going to get us across the finishing line in front is Reading.  They simply have to win if they are going to face Derby in the play-offs. They are stricken with injuries to key personnel, which makes this a bad bet in terms of value, but any team that can draw their last game with Leicester has to have something about them. Middlesbrough, on the other hand, don't have much to play for and won't fancy a balmy spring evening in the south of England, so you are advised to have a medium sized  1.2pt win double on Leicester & Reading @ 3.71-1 (Now 7-2) with:

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Score Reading 2-0 Middlesbrough

Finally, after getting beaten at home for the first time on Jose Mourinho's watch I think that Chelsea will nick a win in Madrid, against Athletico, with Fernando Torres scoring the winning goal  So, you are advised to have a  0.1 pt win treble on Leicester, Reading & Chelsea @ 22.58-1  (Now 21.50-1) which you can also find at:
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Score Athletico Madrid 0-0 Chelsea

Total stake for the above methods 5.3 pts.  Return 14.4 pts.  Profit 9.1 pts.

For TUB you should place the same single for 400 pts, the double for 100pts and the treble for 10 pts.

Total stake 510 pts.  Return 1,350 pts.  Profit 840 pts.

Departs the stage singing...and it's

One, Two, Three What Are We Fighting For!

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