Sunday, 30 March 2014

Now That's What I Call a Tight Finish.

In the March Top 4, the last one for a while, the top 4 players all ended up on 10 pts and had to be separated using the tiebreaker.  Go to Top 4 for the full result.

There will be a Bubble Burster in tonight's  Sunday Storm tournament.

Do be aware, this tournament starts @ 17.30 and your clocks should have gone forward by an hour in the wee small hours of the morning, so it's now incredibly early...strewth, I'll be playing poker while the Sun's still shining.  That normally only happens when I've been playing all night.  I will be playing as Duveen and will be registering at about 18.30 BST.  17.30 is just too early!

On to the industrial estate of this blog post.  Yes, this is where it all gets done. We're back in the plus for all methods except TUB and that's OK because nobody is following the advice I give for TUB anyway.  A good job really, because it just shows you the damage that can be done with an unlimited bankroll...

Current standings @13.00 on the 30th March 2014:

The Dangerous Method +6.992 pts.

TheBaseballTipper +1.259 pts

The Proper Footytipping Season Starts Now Method +1.390 pts

TUB  -1,536.15 pts

There are no bets today.

There will be a new competition shortly, to make up for the temporary demise of the Top 4.  Keep your eyes peeled for that one.

May You Have a Huge Stack When The Outdraw Strikes!

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