Sunday, 9 March 2014

Now That Was Unbelievable.

Current state of play @ 14.30 on 9th March 2014:

The Dangerous Method  + 4.827 pts 

TheBaseballTipper -0.906 pts  

The Proper Footytipping Season Starts Now Method -3.15 pt 

TUB -1,032.11 pts

The first time since last August that the patent has yielded three winners at decent prices and I advise you to back draws.  That's a perfect demonstration of what happens when I go looking for draws.  The mindset changes and inevitably all three wheels fall off the Reliant Robin.

There's only one way to get that point back and that's to play poker in tonight's Sunday Storm Tournament on:

It starts tonight at 17.30.

If current form is any guide my aces will get cracked by deuces tonight, after I shoved pre-flop and was called.

You on the other hand, will hopefully win and if not, one of you will Burst The Bubble!

Let's Hit The Baize!

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