Friday, 14 March 2014

Cheltenham Day 4.

Yesterday wasn't one of the better days we've had at  On the plus side, because the stakes were kept low even after we'd had Whisper winning at 18-1 on Wednesday, the damage wasn't too great.

Current standings of all methods currently employed at 11.30 hrs GMT as follows:

Michael Vaughan's Royal Ascot Advice Service +2.183 pts 

The Dangerous Method +3.112 pts

TheBaseballTipper  - 2.621 pts

TUB  -1,204.15 pts

The Proper Footytipping Season Starts Now Method -3.29 pts

On to today's selections.  
                                                       bet365  Best Price

13.30  Royal Irish Hussar                     Unplaced  7-1               

14.05   Rainbow Peak                          Unplaced  25-1                                     

14.40   Mosspark                                   Pulled Up  22-1 
             Kings Palace                                  Fell     100-30

15.20   Katenko e.w.                             Unplaced 100-1 

16.00   Pearlysteps                                        4th 12-1  

16.40   Full Shift                                     Unplaced  11-2

Now, as to betting strategy, you are advised to stick to the same method we've bee using all week. i.e.

bet365  's

Channel 4 Racing offer, where, should you find a winner @ 4-1 or bigger then you get a free bet on the next televised race to the same stake you had on your winner, up to 1 pt (£50).  Should any of the selections win you are advised to put your free bet on the next horse in the line-up with two exceptions, in the 14.40 your bet should go on Moss Park and in the 15.20, if Moss Park wins, the free bet should go on Bob's Worth.

For Michael Vaughan's Royal Ascot Advice Service, The Dangerous Method TheBaseballTipper you should have 0.1 pt win singles on the above horses with the exception of Katenko in the Gold Cup, for him you should have 0.1 pt each way.

Total stake for the above three methods 0.8 pt.  Return 0.00.  Loss 0.8 pt


You should have the same bet for 10 pts each.  

Total stake for TUB 80 pts.  Return 0.00.  Loss 80 pts.

There is another very attractive offer I should point you in the direction of:

They are offering, in addition to their bet £50 get a £50 bet courtesy of
a free £10 refund on the Gold Cup. Now if you were to match that up with my selection...well that's a tidy profit should it win and no harm done if it loses!

Just click on the button or banner to open an account.

Whatever You Back I hope It Wins!

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