Sunday, 23 February 2014

On the Other Hand it Could be Awful...

...and it was.

Current state of play at 11.00 hrs on 23rd February 2014

The Dangerous Method  + 6.137 pts 

TheBaseballTippe +0.404 pts  

The Proper Footytipping Season Starts Now Method -1.84 pt 

TUB -901.11 pts

All in all a bit of a horror show really.  On a positive note at least I avoided draws this weekend, so although we lost money we may have turned a metaphorical corner.  The mid-week fixtures will have a 0.1 pt patent and 3 x 0.1pt win singles to reflect the positive effect this has had on my psyche.

All together now Huhuuuuum!

There is always the chance that we can repair the damage done by the football by getting lucky with the Bubble Burster  If you haven't already got a  account, take a look at the link and sign-up using a Pokerstars banner and get ready to cash out close to $40,000 or possibly get your entry fee refunded by if you get unlucky in running!  Full T & C's are at Bubble Burster

Let's Spend Some Time On The Baize!

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