Sunday, 16 February 2014

Losers are Winners.

Once again two losers from three selections and we still make a profit.  You could actually look at it that the winner was the real loser, because if Ross County had managed to equalize against Hibs we would have quite a substantial profit.  As it is, a tiny profit is better than any loss.

I have been asked if it wouldn't be better to turn things around and have the patent on the draws and the doubles on the wins?  That is a perfectly understandable question given what happens around this time of the year, year in, year out.  

The problem is, the minute the strategy changes, the mindset changes along with it.  

The truth is, if I start looking for draws we will most probably come unstuck.  The safest tactic is for me to keep advising bets the way I do and if any sharp thinking punters out there are inclined to alter their bets on their own account, who am I to say that they are wrong?  My selections should be used by you to your best advantage and I can't say what that will be.  I hope I will be able to get you to your targeted profit, but if you can find a better way to use my selections to get you there, be my guest!

OK, after yesterdays magnificent losing win, things are looking like this:

Current standings @ 11.00 BST Sunday 16th February 2014:

The Dangerous Method  + 6.527 pts 

TheBaseballTippe +0.794 pts  

The Proper Footytipping Season Starts Now Method -1.55 pt 

TUB -861.46 pts

There probably won't be any further selections until Tuesday.  There is however the small matter of the  Sunday Storm Tournament to be played.

Have a look at  Bursting the Bubble which has all the details.  Put simply, if you play in the tournament and don't make the money you have an opportunity to get your entry fee refunded by!  You can't say that doesn't try to help you to win!

Let's Shuffle-Up & Deal!

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