Monday, 24 February 2014

An Unusual Occurrence.

Good heavens, I can hardly believe it, 100% of the players who entered  The Bubble Burster last night finished in the money!  This means, dear reader, that if you had entered you could have picked up the first prize of $34,774.49, one of the cash prizes ranging from $17.14 up to the aforementioned $34,774.49 or the worst case scenario would have been you'd have got your entry money, $11 credited to your Pokerstars account.

Of course there is the T&C of this offer that you have to open your Pokerstars account through this site...or, if you already have a Pokerstars account you can get around this obstacle by entering one of the other competitions on and qualifying to win a prize.  Even losing in the competition is enough to get you entry into The Bubble Burster as part of's loyalty scheme.  Being a loser on this site is completely the opposite to real life, in that, here it opens doors for you, in the real world they close to you...

For those of you who are interested the players who cashed were:

Duveen finished 2518th  for $34.29
HenryIX finished 2749th for $30.00

A Big Round Of Applause For Those Two!

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